[ US /ˌɪnˈtɹɪnsɪk/ ]
[ UK /ɪntɹˈɪnzɪk/ ]
  1. belonging to a thing by its very nature
    form was treated as something intrinsic, as the very essence of the thing
  2. situated within or belonging solely to the organ or body part on which it acts
    intrinsic muscles
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How To Use intrinsic In A Sentence

  • It is postulated that the type of protein in the diet influences directly the intrinsic capacity of the B lymphocytes to respond to an immunogenic stimulus.
  • So far is he from admitting the possibility of any dissiliency between the Divine will and absolute right, that he turns the tables on his opponents, and classes among Atheists those of his contemporaries who maintain that God can command what is contrary to the intrinsic right; that He has no inclination to the good of his creatures; that He can justly doom an innocent being to eternal torments; or that whatever God wills is just because He wills it. A Manual of Moral Philosophy
  • Holography not only maps the intensities of the light, as do normal diffraction patterns, it also encodes information about the phases of the light that is otherwise intrinsically lost.
  • The fact is, these very welcome props to Mildred Loving and her husband Richard are deeply, abidingly, and intrinsically progressive values. Evan Derkacz: Historical Revisionism Jujitsu: Religious Right Celebrates End of Interracial Marriage Ban
  • If, however, the Logos is intrinsically the Son of God, then Christ is the Son of God, not because he is the begotten of God in the flesh (early Christian), but because the spiritual being existing in him is the antemundane reproduction of History of Dogma, Volume 2 (of 7)
  • All of the priests I interviewed saw witchcraft as an intrinsic evil of the post-colonial economy.
  • Most teleost fishes possess a complex set of intrinsic caudal fin muscles that have only rarely been studied experimentally.
  • The four that can attain this mark, because they depend solely upon the intrinsic properties of ideas, are resemblance, contrariety, degrees in quality, and proportions in quantity or number.
  • There is nothing intrinsically wrong with, or legally exceptionable about, that.
  • The extrinsic muscles of the larynx control the degree of tension on the vocal cords, and the intrinsic muscles regulate the glottis.
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