[ US /ˌɪnˈtɛnsɪvɫi/ ]
[ UK /ɪntˈɛnsɪvli/ ]
  1. in an intensive manner
    he studied the snake intensively
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How To Use intensively In A Sentence

  • The landscape was well ordered with fields defined by hedges and ditches, trackways linking settlements, and unenclosed grazing areas beyond the more intensively used enclosed land.
  • This all changed when someone (probably an economist) spotted the nice turn that could be made by feeding slops or swill to pigs, and considered farming pigs intensively.
  • Will they farm the rest of their land less intensively?
  • Run-off from barnyards, cropland, feedlots, septic tanks, and intensively managed turf areas such as golf courses can introduce large quantities of organic matter and nutrients into a pond.
  • Instead of millions of vulnerable hosts to evolve within back then, we now have billions of chickens intensively confined in factory farms, arguably the Perfect Storm environment for the emergence and spread of hypervirulent, so-called "predator-type" viruses like H5N1. Kathy Freston: Flu Season: Factory Farming Could Cause A Catastrophic Pandemic
  • Like Misael in La Libertad, Vargas is a nonactor whose character carries his real-life name, but whose being is subsumed more intensely and intensively into Alonso's fiction.
  • The only way to make them economically viable is to intensively rear British farmers in huge barns where thousands of them can be kept in semi-darkness and fed mashed up, infected sheep pellets.
  • The surface of the conch seems to possess a layer of intensively weathered shell, and no feature that could be reasonably interpreted as growth lines is present.
  • Mozart's final, intensively creative years in Vienna produced all manner of wonders – operas, symphonies, concerti and several works for the keyboard. Mozart in Vienna
  • The river valley is intensively cropped.
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