[ UK /ɪnsˈɛnse‍ɪt/ ]
  1. devoid of feeling and consciousness and animation
    insentient (or insensate) stone
  2. without compunction or human feeling
    in cold blood
    insensate destruction
    cold-blooded killing
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How To Use insensate In A Sentence

  • You had to have your wits about you, for it was a battle in which mighty blows were struck, on one side, and in which cunning was used on the other side -- a struggle between insensate force and intelligence. Jack London:Surfing in Hawaii
  • Some die on the table, but far more end up never walking again, having permanent colostomies, or just a dysfunctional and insensate genital mess due to inexperienced surgeons. RIP, Mike Penner « Dating Jesus
  • It would have to be with the video for maximum impact, since the sight of Bono's smug histrionics reduces all sensitive sentient creatures to a state of rabid insensate rage.
  • And the snarl of my anger was blended with the snarls of beasts more ancient than the mountains, and the vocal madness of my child hysteria, with all the red of its wrath, was chorded with the insensate, stupid cries of beasts pre-Adamic and pregeologic in time. Chapter 1
  • The innocuous trauma of high pressure jets and bubble massage to the insensate breast and back areas had caused the bruising seen in the picture.
  • At dawn Vathek visits the prison, only to find that the Giaour has escaped, leaving his guards insensate.
  • In the early days, I was insensate, unable to swallow, eat, stand, sit.
  • I know it's just what it is; I know the plane isn't going to crash, but nothing else wants to make me put back a gallon of vodka and sprawl back in the seat with my mouth open, insensate as the lucky luggage in the hold below.
  • Confronted with this picture of insensate delusion and folly, the critical reader will immediately counterplead that England all this time was conducting a war which involved the organization of several millions of fighting men and of the workers who were supplying them with provisions, munitions, and transport, and that this could not have been done by a mob of hysterical ranters. Heartbreak House
  • It's tricky to separate the emotional memory of watching a movie (and I saw this one slightly drunk, at 11 pm at night, surrounded by a huge number of similarly insensate people) from the emotion evoked by the music itself.
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