[ UK /ɪnˈɜːʃɐ/ ]
[ US /ˌɪˈnɝʃə/ ]
  1. a disposition to remain inactive or inert
    he had to overcome his inertia and get back to work
  2. (physics) the tendency of a body to maintain its state of rest or uniform motion unless acted upon by an external force
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How To Use inertia In A Sentence

  • Often called gyroscopic stabilization, inertial stabilization enables the telescope to continually point at a celestial object while the aircraft maneuvers in flight. PhysOrg.com - latest science and technology news stories
  • The capital city needs at its helm a person with ideas and energy who can combat the forces of inertia and inefficiency, and who can initiate and manage urgently needed change.
  • My inertia in not pushing it backwards into a safe zone is as guilty for the shattered glass as the treacherous wind.
  • Kozel yelled, and the shuttle decelerated rapidly, for a moment overpowering the inertial dampers. Star Trek: Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts of Empire
  • The long, hot dusty afternoons, where time hangs still, and dry leaves fly in sad whirls before collapsing to the ground, the inertia and sloth that drives even the most energetic into a huddle, the sense of despair.
  • Suppose we have two observers A and B in different inertial frames, that is each is travelling at a constant velocity not acted on by any forces.
  • The gravitational mass and the inertia mass are not equal in the microscopic quantum behavior.
  • The pods had no artificial gravity fields of their own to provide inertial dampening effects, so the Marines strapped themselves securely to the vertical backboards provided.
  • We had a feeling of inertia in the afternoon.
  • It is very fitting that Mr. Frederic's last book should be in praise of action, the thing that makes the world go round; of force, however misspent, which is the sum of life as distinguished from the inertia of death. A Collection of Stories, Reviews and Essays
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