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[ US /ˌɪnˈkɑmpətənt/ ]
[ UK /ɪnkˈɒmpɪtənt/ ]
  1. not meeting requirements
    unequal to the demands put upon him
  2. showing lack of skill or aptitude
    his fumbling attempt to put up a shelf
    a bungling workman
    did a clumsy job
  3. not qualified or suited for a purpose
    the filming was hopeless incompetent
    an incompetent secret service
  4. not doing a good job
    incompetent at chess
  5. legally not qualified or sufficient
    a wife is usually considered unqualified to testify against her husband
    incompetent witnesses
  1. someone who is not competent to take effective action
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How To Use incompetent In A Sentence

  • So no matter how boneheaded an incompetent manager I am, my department is 100% guaranteed to be profitable as long as I'm good at keeping my receipts?
  • I have also had dealings with totally incompetent muppets posing as health professionals.
  • They have suffered embarrassment and worst from dopes, dubbos and incompetents.
  • Although it is established that TMR-actin alone is polymerization incompetent, the impact of its copolymerization with unlabeled actin on filament structure and dynamics has not been tested yet.
  • I had this mentality that the police were incompetent, which they weren't. Times, Sunday Times
  • History is littered with despots and psychopaths, murderous dullards, evil geniuses, deadly incompetents, calamitous brutes of all descriptions.
  • Inasmuch as the defence needs only to secure the vote of one juryman to procure a disagreement, this offer is a comparatively safe one for the defendant to make, since the prosecutor, who must secure unanimity on the part of the jury (at least in New York State), can afford to take no chances of letting an incompetent or otherwise unfit talesman slip into the box. Courts and Criminals
  • Having an incompetent person in a ministry leads to frustration, failure, and hurt. Christianity Today
  • he did the job rather incompetently
  • When a valve is incompetent, the heart has to work harder to pump the required amount of blood around the body.
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