[ US /ˌɪnˈsɛpʃən/ ]
[ UK /ɪnsˈɛpʃən/ ]
  1. an event that is a beginning; a first part or stage of subsequent events
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How To Use inception In A Sentence

  • It has also pushed up muggings and violent crime offences by 43% since its inception.
  • I'm now counting down to my 38th birthday, and then the second anniversary of the inception of this web backwater.
  • According to F&F Foods, the current manufacturer of Sen Sen®, the candy straddled olfactive and gustative categorization at its inception and “In keeping with its perfumery roots, it was on the market list for many years as a cosmetic.” Breath Perfumes
  • The degrees which Oxford and Cambridge conferred in Grammar did not involve residence or entitle the recipients to a vote in Convocation; but the conferment was accompanied by ceremonies which were almost parodies of the solemn proceedings of graduation or inception in a recognised Faculty, a birch taking the place of a book as a symbol of the power and authority entrusted to the graduand. Life in the Medieval University
  • Further, Newton's assumption that Wallace is the sole practitioner of the artful defusion of 'high brow' pretension by 'street slang' is an overstatement -- recall Joyce's exhausting of the entire practice in his "Oxen of the Sun" episode of Ulysses where the whole history of the English language is satirized, equally, from its inception to his contemporary cockney. Omer Rosen: Footnoting David Foster Wallace: Part 1
  • Some works are realised from their inception to their completion at the site, like the installation at the Tate.
  • My vote ultimately was for Eric Levine, because CellarTracker as an innovative informational internet tool (and with each passing year so much more, including a forum, commerce, etc) that has burgeoned to over 1 million wine reviews since its inception is both astounding and far-reaching. Vote now! Wine Person of the Decade [the Naughties] | Dr Vino's wine blog
  • Since their inception in 1977, the name of the game for The Mekons has been experimentation and excursion, and they have even happily embraced the 'folkies'. Tourdates Unsigned Chart
  • This week my graduate seminar students (at Parsons Fine Arts MFA) and I had a great discussion leading from Robert Smithson's writings on entropy to issues of pessimism about social change and what might be the point of human intervention towards ideals of progressive social activism in an entropically irreversible situation: interesting in this light to read Bob Herbert Op-Ed piece in the October 26, 2010 copy of The New York Times, "The Corrosion of America": do we just go along "haplessly"/hopelessly with the flow of entropy and the corrosion and ruin of our infrastructure (a ruin which is in a sense "always already" from before its inception, in Smithson's example of "The Monuments of Passaic") creating or suggesting an art which does not try to impose an idealist order or moral value to an entropic situation of urban and suburban decay, or do we believe enough in human labor despite ultimate futility or mortality to make the investment in our near futures by fixing the infrastructure? Mira Schor: Corroded infrastructure 2010/Robert Smithson's Writings on Entropy, 1966-67
  • Since its inception, the OCA has campaigned aggressively against rBGH, which is banned in Europe, Canada, and most of the industrialized world. GOOD NEWS OF THE WEEK: GET OUT, MONSANTO! WAL-MART GOES rBGH-FREE
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