1. supplies intrinsic muscles of the tongue and other tongue muscles
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How To Use hypoglossal In A Sentence

  • They accomplish this coordination with proprioceptive feedback through the hypoglossal nerve that disinhibits activation of the jaw depressors when the tongue protractor muscle is activated.
  • Hypoglossal motoneurons, whose activity determines the position, shape, and stiffness of the tongue, are the principle focus for basic research aimed at understanding control of upper airway function.
  • In the hind-brain the cerebellum is a mere band of tissue without lateral lobes or flocculi, and the medulla gives origin only to nerves four to ten; there is no eleventh nerve, and the hypoglossal is the first spinal -- from which it has been assumed that the rabbit's medulla equals that of the frog, plus a portion of the spinal cord incorporated with it. Text Book of Biology, Part 1: Vertebrata
  • XII., the hypoglossal, runs out of the skull by the condylar foramen (c.f.), is motor, crosses the roots of XI., Text Book of Biology, Part 1: Vertebrata
  • Three nerves (the optic, the abducens, and the hypoglossal) seem to be particularly prone to radiation injury that results in radiation neuritis.
  • Exogenous serotonin at the hypoglossal motor nucleus (HMN) stimulates genioglossus (GG) muscle activity. Vytorin: Dis-Enhance-d | The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D.
  • These filaments join to form the descendens cervicalis, which passes downward on the lateral side of the internal jugular vein, crosses in front of the vein a little below the middle of the neck, and forms a loop (ansa hypoglossi) with the descending ramus of the hypoglossal in front of the sheath of the carotid vessels (see page 916). IX. Neurology. 6b. The Anterior Divisions
  • The vena comitans of the hypoglossal nerve (ranine vein), a branch of considerable size, begins below the tip of the tongue, and may join the lingual; generally, however, it passes backward on the Hyoglossus, and joins the common facial. VII. The Veins. 3b. 2. The Veins of the Neck
  • From the first two nerves the branch joins the hypoglossal trunk, runs with it some distance, and sends off a branch to the Thyreohyoideus; it then leaves the hypoglossal to form the descendens hypoglossi and unites with the communicantes cervicalis from the second and third cervical nerves to form the ansa hypoglossi from which nerves pass to the other Infrahyoid muscles. IV. Myology. 5c. The Supra- and Infrahyoid Muscles
  • If we could not find a unique single motor unit potential on the same side, the ipsilateral hypoglossal nerve was sectioned, and that half of the muscle became silent.
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