[ US /ˈhjudʒ, ˈjudʒ/ ]
[ UK /hjˈuːd‍ʒ/ ]
  1. unusually great in size or amount or degree or especially extent or scope
    a huge wave
    the vast reaches of outer space
    the Los Angeles aqueduct winds like an immense snake along the base of the mountains
    huge country estates
    at vast (or immense) expense
    the vast accumulation of knowledge...which we call civilization
    immense numbers of birds
    huge popular demand for higher education
    huge government spending
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How To Use huge In A Sentence

  • The aerobrake - a huge, convex disc underneath the spacecraft - was producing friction with the Martian atmosphere.
  • And at the same time the huge body tried to take the invader and enwomb it. The Gunslinger
  • Regardless of the outcome of the trial, the whole episode has been a huge embarrassment to English football.
  • For winemakers in the Rhone, 2002 was a disastrous year, with violent storms and huge rainfall during the harvest.
  • The fun was subsidised by the huge salaries writers were receiving from the Hollywood dream factory.
  • Among profuse schools of trevallies and barracuda, huge tunas and a host of sharks cruise the sheer wall.
  • The 22-year-old arrived without huge fanfare or any of the media lobbying that normally accompanies the promotion of a fresh face.
  • There has been a huge controversy over where to put the city's new sports stadium and who should build it.
  • The beast was as huge as an aurochs, its glossy midnight mane shining in the sunlight as it pawed the ground restlessly with one forehoof.
  • Before one embarks on this high flying experience, the organisers supply a crash helmet, and a safety waist belt which is securely tied with a long and strong rope to the huge multi-coloured parasail.
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