[ UK /hˈɒbə‍l/ ]
[ US /ˈhɑbəɫ/ ]
  1. strap the foreleg and hind leg together on each side (of a horse) in order to keep the legs on the same side moving in unison
    hobble race horses
  2. walk impeded by some physical limitation or injury
    The old woman hobbles down to the store every day
  3. hamper the action or progress of
    The chairman was hobbled by the all-powerful dean
  1. the uneven manner of walking that results from an injured leg
  2. a shackle for the ankles or feet
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How To Use hobble In A Sentence

  • Following the sound, Silk found himself among the sellers he sought Hobbled deer reared and plunged, their soft brown eyes wild with fright; a huge snake lifted its flat, malevolent head, hissing like a kettle on the stove; live salmon gasped and splashed in murky, glass-fronted tanks; pigs grunted, lambs baaed, chickens squawked, and milling goats eyed passersby with curiosity and sharp suspicion. Nightside The Long Sun
  • Well, I hobbled along, and we ploughed all day; and come night, I boohooed and cried a good deal, and the children gits round me, and asks 'What's the matter, Peter?' Uncle Tom's Companions: Or, Facts Stranger Than Fiction. A Supplement to Uncle Tom's Cabin: Being Startling Incidents in the Lives of Celebrated Fugitive Slaves.
  • Numps has sent for me to see poor little Greek and Latin hobble to the altar, but, 'tis a million to one, if our noble baronet does not whisk you there before her. Camilla: or, A Picture of Youth
  • Brown had been hobbled since training camp with a balky left knee that caused him pain from the second day of practice.
  • I sighed and then picked up my crutches, hobbled to the door, and down the hall of the apartment to the living room.
  • D'ye know, that Irish lunatic absolutely ran the gauntlet of pandy fire to get back into Lucknow, and bring out Outram and Havelock in person (with the poor old Gravedigger hardly able to hobble along) just so that they could greet Sir Colin as he covered the last few furlongs? Fiancée
  • Drummond hobbled off, returning with a cigar in his mouth and an automatic rifle in his hands.
  • Brown had been hobbled since training camp with a balky left knee that caused him pain from the second day of practice.
  • Feeling utterly stupid I gathered myself up from under the rubble and hobbled inelegantly to find a first aider.
  • After that I just kind of hobbled around and read by the pool. Archive 2008-08-01
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