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  • A: Titration of histones into LDL (final concentration 1.25 mg/ml by protein) was carried out for 1 hr in PBS at 21°C, and protein aggregation measured by spectrophotometric absorbance at 680 nm. PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles
  • There's a "biology teacher" who doesn't know what chromatin is (and never heard of a histone code), a "physics teacher" who never got past Newtonian mechanics, a "theologian" who has no idea how Jews and orthodox Christians view Genesis I and II, etc., etc. A peek behind closed doors
  • Sperm chromatin contains protamines that must be replaced by histones before undergoing condensation.
  • The importance of the nucleosome in gene regulation is supported by the finding that mutations that alter intracellular levels of histones lead to transcriptional derepression of a variety of genes.
  • Histone proteins are essential components of nucleosomes in eukaryotic chromosomes.
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  • The packaging of DNA with histones into nucleosomes and higher-order chromatin structures has profound effects on transcription initiation.
  • Histones also demonstrate a strong affinity for binding anionic phospholipids such as phosphatidylserine and cardiolipin PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles
  • At that time Alex was studying the role of mono-ubiquitination of histones (for the histone-ubiquitin adduct H2A known also as protein A24 or uH2A, see above). Aaron Ciechanover - Autobiography
  • Histones are small basic proteins encoded by a multigene family and are responsible for the nucleosomal organization of chromatin in eukaryotes.
  • These DNA-binding proteins include polymerases, helicases, nucleases, isomerases, ligases, histones, and others.
  • These modifications regulate histone-DNA interactions, adding a new dimension to the epigenetic regulation of nucleosome mobility.
  • During the process of spermatogenesis in animal species, protamines replace histones and bind sperm DNA.
  • First, the exact equivalence of H3 and H4 in the tetramer implied that the differences in relative amounts of the histones from various sources measured in the past must be due to experimental error. Roger D. Kornberg - Autobiography
  • K, et al. (2005) Histone H3 methylation by Set2 directs deacetylation of coding regions by Rpd3S to suppress spurious intragenic transcription. PLoS Biology: New Articles
  • In addition to histones, some HATs can acetylate non-histone proteins, suggesting multiple roles for these enzymes.
  • Under normal conditions equal amounts of the four core histones are incorporated into chromatin.
  • In addition, histone exchange reveals new changing mechanism of DNA - histone interaction.
  • One trick is to tightly wind the DNA around complexes of proteins called histones, much as thread is coiled around a spool.
  • This small protein replaces histones and binds DNA in the process of spermatogenesis.
  • Indeed, chromatin is known to be rich not only in histones but also HMG proteins, which may play a role in this charge shielding.
  • The idea was that the same defect in monoubiquitination of the histone may affect also protein degradation which involves polyubiquitination, though it was clear that the single modification of the histone molecule by ubiquitin does not lead to its targeting to proteolysis. Aaron Ciechanover - Autobiography
  • A small molecule called an acetyl group attaches to a particular histone known as H4.
  • On a molecular level, silenced chromatin consists of specialized heterochromatin proteins and of nucleosomes carrying deacetylated histones.
  • Histones (DNA packaging proteins) have lysine tails, which can be acetylated in a post-translational modification step.
  • The phenomenon is still not understood at the molecular level although histone modifications, binding of specific chromatin condensing proteins (HP1), and DNA methylation all play important roles46. Advanced Information: The 2006 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
  • Important mechanisms for epigenetic alteration of gene expression include DNA methylation and histone acetylation.
  • In general, histone protein sequences are highly conserved within and between species.
  • The failure to recover mutations in genes encoding nucleosomal histones in this screen may be due to the presence of numerous copies of the histone gene cluster in flies.
  • We identified here the mechanism of gene silencing, and found in 'methylated' WT cells Pol II stalling and in hypomethylated cells all the hallmarks of transcriptional elongation, including histone modifications and Ser2 Pol II transition and effective splicing. PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles
  • We used several methods to change the strength of the histone binding to DNA.
  • Backgroud: The acetylation of histones plays very important role in expression of gene.
  • The potential involvement of extracellular histones in atherogenesis may be envisaged through several routes. PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles
  • From recent developments in molecular biology, it is becoming clear that cationic chemical species, such as histone octamer, protamine, spermidine, etc. play an essential role in the packing of long DNA chains into the nucleus.
  • Rather, the DNA in chromatin must be wrapped on the outside of the histone octamer. Roger D. Kornberg - Autobiography
  • Arginine An AMINO ACID found especially in the histone proteins that surround DNA in chromosomes.
  • This and the stoichiometry of the tetramer implied a unit of structure in chromatin based on two each of the four histones, or an (H2A) 2 (H2B) 2 (H3) 2 (H4) 2 octamer. Roger D. Kornberg - Autobiography
  • In contrast, phosphorylations of histone H1 and GST-peptide substrates are independent of any docking site.
  • There's a "biology teacher" who doesn't know what chromatin is (and never heard of a histone code), A peek behind closed doors
  • Histones form the core of the nucleosome around which DNA is wrapped.
  • This model also predicts that deletion of the Set1 histone methyltransferase would lead to the derepression of subtelomeric genes.
  • This and the stoichiometry of the tetramer implied a unit of structure in chromatin based on two each of the four histones, or an (H2A) 2 (H2B) 2 (H3) 2 (H4) 2 octamer. Roger D. Kornberg - Autobiography
  • In eukaryotic cells, the fundamental unit of chromatin is nucleosome, which is composed of a histone octamer with two copies of HA, HB, H and H and base pairs of DNA.
  • Histones are modified in various ways, including through a process called acetylation, which in turn modifies chromatin shape and structure. Gene Key To Alzheimer’s-like Reversal Identified | Impact Lab
  • Histones physically control access to genes, and adding small functional groups such as acetyl or methyl units to them can selectively switch certain genes on and off. Innovations-report
  • The Histone Acetyl Transferases (HATs) that acetylate these two proteins, namely PCAF and p300, respectively, may therefore regulate SATB1-mediated transcription upon Wnt signalling. PLoS Biology: New Articles
  • Histones are protein - found in eukaryotic cell nuclei, tightly bound to DNA, which has many phosphate groups.
  • Slowly, as researchers learned more about the structure of histones, it became evident that patterns of acetylation and methylation could be quite precise.
  • Chromatin is a complex molecular structure composed of nucleosomal repeats in which 147 bp of DNA are wrapped around two copies of the four core histones, H2A, H2B, H3, and H4.
  • Both nonhistone proteins and histones form complexes with TP.
  • These DNA-binding proteins include polymerases, helicases, nucleases, isomerases, ligases, histones, and others.
  • Histone dimers: a fundamental unit in histone assembly.” Ruth Sperling.
  • These researchers reported that at the non-permissive temperature, the cell lost the histone H2A-ubiquitin adduct. Aaron Ciechanover - Autobiography
  • Thus it not only had nucleosomes and histone acetylation and methylation, but was also sexual with meiosis and a bouquet stage.
  • People solve this packing problem by tightly wrapping their DNA around proteins called histones.
  • The presence of the histones and CpG methylation most affect accessibility of the chromatin to RNA polymerases and transcription factors.
  • The study from the UFS investigated how the binding of a specific protein, termed a linker histone, that binds to the length of DNA between nucleosomes, influenced the formation of the chromatin fiber and also the activity of genes. ANC Daily News Briefing
  • From a dynamic point of view, histone-tail modifications, such as acetylation, phosphorylation, or methylation, are necessary to allow the activity of the chromatin remodeling complex.

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