1. a simple protein containing mainly basic amino acids; present in cell nuclei in association with nucleic acids
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How To Use histone In A Sentence

  • A: Titration of histones into LDL (final concentration 1.25 mg/ml by protein) was carried out for 1 hr in PBS at 21°C, and protein aggregation measured by spectrophotometric absorbance at 680 nm. PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles
  • There's a "biology teacher" who doesn't know what chromatin is (and never heard of a histone code), a "physics teacher" who never got past Newtonian mechanics, a "theologian" who has no idea how Jews and orthodox Christians view Genesis I and II, etc., etc. A peek behind closed doors
  • Sperm chromatin contains protamines that must be replaced by histones before undergoing condensation.
  • The importance of the nucleosome in gene regulation is supported by the finding that mutations that alter intracellular levels of histones lead to transcriptional derepression of a variety of genes.
  • Histone proteins are essential components of nucleosomes in eukaryotic chromosomes.
  • The packaging of DNA with histones into nucleosomes and higher-order chromatin structures has profound effects on transcription initiation.
  • Histones also demonstrate a strong affinity for binding anionic phospholipids such as phosphatidylserine and cardiolipin PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles
  • At that time Alex was studying the role of mono-ubiquitination of histones (for the histone-ubiquitin adduct H2A known also as protein A24 or uH2A, see above). Aaron Ciechanover - Autobiography
  • Histones are small basic proteins encoded by a multigene family and are responsible for the nucleosomal organization of chromatin in eukaryotes.
  • These DNA-binding proteins include polymerases, helicases, nucleases, isomerases, ligases, histones, and others.
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