[ UK /hɐlˌuːsɪnə‍ʊd‍ʒˈɛnɪk/ ]
[ US /həˌɫusənəˈdʒɛnɪk/ ]
  1. capable of producing hallucinations
    LSD is a powerful hallucinogenic drug
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How To Use hallucinogenic In A Sentence

  • Video footage emerged yesterday of a British student introducing himself at a Colombian tribal ceremony just before taking a fatal dose of a hallucinogenic drug. Times, Sunday Times
  • Not a single defendant at the1692 Salem Witch Trials was burned at the stake...19 were hanged while a 20th, a man who refused to enter a plea, was crushed to death with heavy stones medical historians have ascribed the bizarre behavior exhibited there to various causes, such as an outbreak of encephalitis or rye bread contaminated by the hallucinogenic known as ergot! Dr. Franklin Ruehl, Ph.D.: 15 Intriguing Halloween-Related Factoids!
  • The problem is that the glands of the toad secrete another chemical known as bufotenine, a compound that is found in a hallucinogenic snuff made from a plant by Indians of the upper Orinoco in Venezuela. The Serpent and the Rainbow
  • He's the perfect point man for the band's brand of hallucinogenic rhythm 'n' raunch, a style they've dubbed ‘cold soul.’
  • Nor are visionary experiences induced, for example, by hallucinogenic drugs.
  • Now under the influence of a homemade hallucinogenic substance, Oscar is making another impression altogether whether he's singing and smiling gleefully, which is spooking the guests at such a somber affair, or threatening to jump from the rooftop (while naked, of course) because he mistakenly thinks that Elaine is cheating on him. Crosswalk.com - Home
  • I think we'll be talking about some of the same principles with regard to hallucinogenics as a potential medical benefit.
  • Six minutes of hallucinogenic marching music. Times, Sunday Times
  • And there’s the stuff you don’t get from the post office fellows: arms, chemical precursors to hallucinogenic substances, certain perishables. Matthew Yglesias » By Request: Five Days of Mail
  • A study now suggests there may be a more effective way for longtime smokers to kick the habit: hallucinogenic drugs. Times, Sunday Times
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