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  • AssumeFPS ( "ntsc_film") set input = D: \test. avs set output = D: \imgseqtest_v. mkv set ref = 5 set bframes = 5 set x264Path = D: \x264. exe % x264Path% % input% -- preset fast -- ref % ref% -- bframes % bframes% -- output % output% avs [warning]: converting input clip to YV12 avs [info] Doom9's Forum
  • At 1050 fps, it'll make apples explode using wadd cutter or hollow point pellets. More on Plaxico and Christmas
  • if they would have wanted to make it look smoother, they could have used an old video technique: if you halfen the speed of the playback-sound on set, then shoot at 10fps, you could easely, in editing have fastened it up to 20 fps, so the dubbing is correct while having 20fps, which is way closer to the required 24/25fps for "fluent motion World Debut: Hypernova Music Vid, Shot with Flash at 10 FPS
  • Playing a FPS on a console is usually an excersie in frustration, especially since I'm used to a keyboard and mouse. Review: Beyond Good & Evil
  • However, after adding FPSS, we are getting a there is no attribute "onload" on Line 188:
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  • I'm asking this because the mythical performance of Warren Page's 7mm Mashburn - the GOLDEN STANDARD for Sevens - a 175-grainer at 3,000 fps, is what people have in mind when they buy the 7mmRemMag. What We Can Learn From Lefty
  • The slug weighs 11/16 ounces, leaves the muzzle at 1800 fps (3-inch) or 1900 fps (31/2-inch), and is deadly accurate in rifled barrels. Slugfest 2003
  • Shot in continuity on one roll of super 8 tri-x b&w film at 18 fps on a Canon 1014XLS through a 40x darkfield microscope. - Articles related to Too much chlorine in water? Here’s a DIY
  • Factories don't load it, but if you handload thesebullets in a .340 Weatherby or .338 RUM, you can get them to 2500 fps or a bitmore. The Three Best Big Game Cartridges From Field & Stream's David E.
  • I stopped smoking, 68 grains of IMR4198 at 2400fps, 2800 fps is max! Any suggestions on 50 cal.
  • Stardock Releases Demigod v1. 2, New Demigod Added classic FPS that doesn't take itself too seriously. by December 2, 2009 - If you're tired of all the sophistication and nuance in modern first-person shooters, you may want to Well, the title kinda says it all. - Articles related to SOE Launches Mass Animation Contest on Facebook
  • I am a fan of the original movie, but what actually struck me first off was the similarity in styling to one of my favorite FPS games in recent years, Tron 2.0. TRON: LEGACY Trailer Lights Up the Web! « Giant Killer Squid - Film, Comics, News, Reviews and more
  • It will drive a 55 grain spire point at 3900 fps with H414. Some Rifle Barrels are Faster than Others
  • Now, enlightened to what the utility of that extra powder is for, I use a 200 grain projectile, and drive it just 300 fps slower. Two Cases Where Bigger Isn't Better
  • It is doubtable in this case if you can play with comfort in resolutions over 1024x768 because the average performance of both the platforms may go down to below 60 fps in 1280x1024.
  • If the source was 25i, why changefps (23.976)? changefps will add / delete frames, so you are bound to get choppiness (maybe what you described as jitter?) it might help to post an unprocessed source sample, the ghosting might be blending frames or something else - hard to say without seeing it. Forum
  • I personally have shot a 27 varmint barreled 25-06 with 75g bullets going 3750 fps. What is acceptable accuracy in a varminting rifle? moa, sub moa, what kinda velocities and energy? shouldn't have to be alot.
  • When the MRP ran out, I worked up a load with RelodeR 22 which gave about 50 fps less velocity and nearly identical accuracy. Uncategorized Blog Posts
  • I haven't played FPSs since then -- except for FPSs on the Wii, where I can simply point at the screen -- my hand-eye coordination is better than most in that way, it seems. Games and me
  • The MX shows definite signs of fill rate limitations reaching it, with only two spikes reaching over 65 fps.
  • Take MAG for instance, thats doing something no consol game has ever done with its insane mmo fps ... but it wont push ps3 sales. Poll Results!
  • When it is dry, a person can safely decelerate at the rate of 15 feet per second per second (fpsps).
  • system consists of ARM 9 series S 3 C 2500, FPS 200 sensor, memories, power supply, communication interface, etc.
  • Yes | No | Report from the cowboy wrote 7 weeks 2 days ago yea right! it all depends on the ammo, bullet weight, and type of caliber. my .357 marlin is very inferior to the ballistics of a .243, meaning a .243 might shoot the same at 7 yards and 100, but a .357 traveling at 1200 fps will definitly not hit the same. I have heard that if you sight a gun in at seven yards it should be dead on at one hundred...does anyone know if this is true it
  • AssumeFPS ( "ntsc_film") set input = D: \test. avs set output = D: \imgseqtest_v. mkv set ref = 5 set bframes = 5 set x264Path = D: \x264. exe % x264Path% % input% -- preset fast -- ref % ref% -- bframes % bframes% -- output % output% avs [warning]: converting input clip to YV12 avs [info] Doom9's Forum
  • Maybe she could get the crosman pump master 760 or maybe the crosman raven youth? im trying to get a lower fps since she is probably smaller and doesnt want the "recoil" of a 1000fps airgun. My little sister (age 11) wants an air rifle for plinking and later squirrel hunting with my fokes.
  • Grieve [Reader in Biomechanics, Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine, London] concluded ‘The possibility of fakery is ruled out if the speed of the film was 16 or 18 fps [as mentioned above, it was apparently filmed at 16 fps]. Frame 352, and all that
  • The 120Hz HD sets get rid of "judder" but still motion increment at 24fps. Forum
  • Right now it's a lot of talk about guns and very little on how to shoot them, reload them, FPS, MOA or KE. I think F& S need to add some more Categories. How about Shooting and Reloading?
  • The priming of the Colibri drives its bullet at 375 fps and the Super Colibri clocks a bit faster at 500 fps.
  • He was getting 3,050 fps out of a 22-inch barrel, and I think the most I've ever gotten from a 7mm Weatherby and 175-grain bullets is 2,900 fps, out of a 24-inch barrel. What We Can Learn From Lefty
  • (AFPs) possess the ability to modify structure II (sII) tetrahydrofuran (THF) hydrate crystal morphologies by adhering to the hydrate surface and inhibiting growth in a similar fashion to the kinetic inhibitor poly-N-vinylpyrrolidone (PVP). Elites TV
  • In other words a 175 grain out of a 7mm RM is about 2800 fps along with the 190 grain out of a 30-06 at 2800 fps. 7mm RM 150 grain works great on Elk! Lazz Loads: The Short Magnums
  • The first shot registered 440 fps from a 6-inch barrel and didn't even make it to the backstop 70 yards away.
  • For both traditional and interactive agencies, buying media through these exchanges may offer a way to float RFPs and insertion orders without a tsunami of faxes, e-mails or wasted paper.
  • The large bullet is a 250 grain Speer hot core fired at 2450 fps from a 350 Rem Mag. into a Spruce log. Field & Stream
  • This cartridge is a 29 gr. bullet with a velocity of 1100 fps. Do you think an airgun that shoots about 600 fps is enough for squirrels?
  • Study the inhibitory effect and the mechanism of helleborus thibetanus france. Polysaccharide(HFPS) on tumor growth.
  • .454 Casull: For sheer pain, unequalled among handgun cartridges, shoot this one. 325 grains at 1,525 fps. 1,630 foot-pounds of muzzle energy 40 foot-pounds of recoil in a 3-pound single-action revolver. Uncategorized Blog Posts
  • In shooting speed it benchmarks at 3fps.
  • The difference in pin-to-pin drop at increased distance was the same with FPs/BHs, just overall more drop with the change to BH. My 100 grain Muzzy broadheads shoot exactly like field points at 20 yards and closer.
  • My chonograph indicated a loss of 100 fps when using the felt wadd. On Cheap Rifles, Part II
  • It has higher than 355 fps and a nice let off rate i think it lets off to about 80 percent where as my martin lynx (20 year old bow, but still a nice bow) lets off about 50 percent but if I were you ide take the lights out I need a new bow...i've been looking at martin bows cause i like the looks of them also the fred bear lights out or the 2 also i
  • It is also pointed that the FPS-SS vidicon is the only compact camera tube which can compete with the solid state pickup devices at present.
  • As previously noted, the GF1's rear screen is pretty good, its high resolution and fast (60fps) refresh making it very nice to use.
  • I use a 16 ga Parker choked cyl & Lmod my favorite losd - Activ Hull, Rem209P primer, 21.0 grn SR-7625, activ G32 wad pushing 1oz of #6 Bismuth 1220fps @~9200 psi. squeaky clean, easy shooting, deadly load. Rethinking Pheasant Loads
  • The best characterized of these AFPs come from polar fish and from several different species of insects.
  • I don't know for certain, but a 175 gr bullet at 3,000 fps is a tall order for a 7mm Remington Mag. What We Can Learn From Lefty
  • Even in short-barreled rifles, the SOST provides impressive ballistics - achieving 2925 fps in a 14″ barrel. Latest Articles
  • My 30fps test composition in AE is 8 seconds, 27 frames long. Mad Dog Movies « Planning an HD animation pipeline
  • The only other fad I don't think has been debunked yet is the "flechette". 3mm super-strong tungsten darts fired at velocities past 5000 fps. What do you predict will be the next fad in rifle cartridges? We have done long and skinny, short and fat and long and fat.
  • The tool preference was FPS - R 48.1 %, NRS 24.4 % , YDS 23.1 % and VAS 3.8 %, respectively.
  • It will also have the least recoil of all with the abilty to shoot 75 grain bullets at 3700 fps. Okay, I've heard nice things about all the rifles that I'm about to list.
  • Wetlands, with their hydrophilous reeds, and cultivated trees are important tree resources and provide various goods-and-services including timber, NTFPs, grazing and desertification control. Northern Africa and forests and woodlands
  • A longtime standard loading for this 19 th-century small-bore cartridge has been a 115 gr. gas checked bullet over 5.0 grs. of Unique for right at 1,000 fps from a Colt Single Action Army or replica.
  • the 600nitro throws a 900gr bullet at 1900fps. it doesnt use black, thus the "nitro" designation. the 4bore throws a 1750-1950 grain ball or bullet at 1350-1450fps with 400-600gr of Fg black powder Want to See a Real Man's Gun?
  • With an IBO arrow speed of up to 325 fps from a short (29.75 A to A) bow with a 7-inch brace height is about as good as it gets. I'm thinking about getting a new bow, but can't decide between a Mathews DXT or Hyperlite. Any suggestions?
  • The production and distribution of modified, thermostable, brightly fluorescent GFPs (green fluorescent proteins) suitable for expression in plant cells has stimulated many experiments with plant systems.
  • For vertex processing dominated tests (like geartrain which went from 35fps to 110fps) the improvements are between 2x to about 6x, for cases which are dominated by fragment processing it's obviously a lot less (e.g. openarena went from about 25fps to about 32fps). Phoronix
  • In any case, a diminutive .410 bore, 1/2 oz rifled slug zinging out at 1,830 fps is a respectable load.
  • The first STALKER game was a fun FPS adventure game, but it was plagued with technical bugginess and a laggy engine. The Top 10 Game Sequels of 2010
  • This camera also supports high-speed continuous shooting of images at the maximum 10-MP size (3648 x 2736) at 10 fps, and offers a sport continuous mode, which allows for continuous shooting at up to approximately 120 fps*, and a function for recording high-definition movies with stereo sound. Digital camera reviews, photography news and views
  • Q 5 . Hellgate : London mixes many diverse genres. Is it a RPG? Is it a FPS?
  • If you have a .22 airgun shooting 600 fps that should be enough, but .177 at that speed is good for small birds and that's about it. Do you think an airgun that shoots about 600 fps is enough for squirrels?
  • As previously noted, the GF1's rear screen is pretty good, its high resolution and fast (60fps) refresh making it very nice to use.
  • I set the bullet out just below the cannelure and ran it across the chronographer (22 inch barrel at 3070fps) and didn’t see any noticeable change in velocity or pressure on the primer, so I remain setting it a bet deeper than the OAL calls for. An Unequal Progress in Accuracy
  • AssumeFPS ( "ntsc_film") set input = D: \test. avs set output = D: \imgseqtest_v. mkv set ref = 5 set bframes = 5 set x264Path = D: \x264. exe % x264Path% % input% -- preset fast -- ref % ref% -- bframes % bframes% -- output % output% avs [warning]: converting input clip to YV12 avs [info] Doom9's Forum
  • The guides recommended 3-inch No. 2 shot for ducks, 3 or 31 ⁄ 2-inch BBs for geese, with many of them noting that high-velocity loads traveling 1450 fps or more kill the best. Why You Miss Ducks (And Other Insights From Our Waterfowl Guide Survey)
  • Also while there is possibly a game to made about high level peace concords (press x to concede demands for territory. o to hold out for arms concessions) these are FPS, & therefore shooting kind of goes with the territory.

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