1. an agency in the General Services Administration that is a security organization to provide a safe environment where Federal agencies can conduct their business
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How To Use FPS In A Sentence

  • AssumeFPS ( "ntsc_film") set input = D: \test. avs set output = D: \imgseqtest_v. mkv set ref = 5 set bframes = 5 set x264Path = D: \x264. exe % x264Path% % input% -- preset fast -- ref % ref% -- bframes % bframes% -- output % output% avs [warning]: converting input clip to YV12 avs [info] Doom9's Forum
  • At 1050 fps, it'll make apples explode using wadd cutter or hollow point pellets. More on Plaxico and Christmas
  • if they would have wanted to make it look smoother, they could have used an old video technique: if you halfen the speed of the playback-sound on set, then shoot at 10fps, you could easely, in editing have fastened it up to 20 fps, so the dubbing is correct while having 20fps, which is way closer to the required 24/25fps for "fluent motion World Debut: Hypernova Music Vid, Shot with Flash at 10 FPS
  • Playing a FPS on a console is usually an excersie in frustration, especially since I'm used to a keyboard and mouse. Review: Beyond Good & Evil
  • However, after adding FPSS, we are getting a there is no attribute "onload" on Line 188: WebDeveloper.com
  • I'm asking this because the mythical performance of Warren Page's 7mm Mashburn - the GOLDEN STANDARD for Sevens - a 175-grainer at 3,000 fps, is what people have in mind when they buy the 7mmRemMag. What We Can Learn From Lefty
  • The slug weighs 11/16 ounces, leaves the muzzle at 1800 fps (3-inch) or 1900 fps (31/2-inch), and is deadly accurate in rifled barrels. Slugfest 2003
  • Shot in continuity on one roll of super 8 tri-x b&w film at 18 fps on a Canon 1014XLS through a 40x darkfield microscope. WN.com - Articles related to Too much chlorine in water? Here’s a DIY
  • Factories don't load it, but if you handload thesebullets in a .340 Weatherby or .338 RUM, you can get them to 2500 fps or a bitmore. The Three Best Big Game Cartridges From Field & Stream's David E.
  • I stopped smoking, 68 grains of IMR4198 at 2400fps, 2800 fps is max! Any suggestions on 50 cal.
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