1. a high-level programing language for mathematical and scientific purposes; stands for formula translation
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How To Use FORTRAN In A Sentence

  • Fortran is the language used because it allows you to express the mathematics and physics in a very clear succinct fashion. What makes software engineering for climate models different? | Serendipity
  • The connection goes both ways; SISAL can call C and Fortran routines, and C and Fortran can call SISAL routines.
  • Lisp wasn't designed to fix the mistakes in Fortran; it came about more as the byproduct of an attempt to axiomatize computation. What Made Lisp Different
  • In my experience (when I was a climate modeller, talking to climate modellers), many who had had * enough* exposure to object orientation, would cheerfully admit that O-O codes could well have made some model tasks easier, but given that the job was already done in FortranWhat makes software engineering for climate models different? | Serendipity
  • So next time some geek tries to blind you with science by saying, ‘I'm translating some FORTRAN into BASIC, but I'd really like to re-do it in Assembler,’ you will have some idea what that means.
  • To maintain a high level of performance in modern parallel architectures, High Performance Fortran also provides non-uniform memory access capabilities.
  • In college I learned a computer language called FORTRAN, which is now extinct, but my lightweight exposure to computer languages does not translate into any kind of computer savvy now. Instructions for Your Discontent
  • Slide 15: Fortran I Overview (continued) • First implemented version of FORTRAN - No separate compilation - Compiler released in April 1957, after 18 worker - years of effort - Programs larger than 400 lines rarely compiled correctly, mainly due to poor reliability of 704 - Code was very fast - Quickly became widely used Copyright © 2007 Recently Uploaded Slideshows
  • To call C routines from a Fortran program, you will have to write some C code.
  • When the rules changed, we reprogrammed the Fortran simulation model, tested it, and then put it on the server.
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