[ US /ˈfʊtɪd/ ]
[ UK /fˈʊtɪd/ ]
  1. having feet
    a footed sofa
    footed creatures
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How To Use footed In A Sentence

  • _Catty. _ (_speaking very rapidly_) Bless you for that word, counshillor; and by the first light to-morrow, I'll drive all the grazing cattle, every four-footed _baast_ off the land, and pound 'em in Ballynavogue; and if they replevy, why I'll distrain again, if it be forty times, I will go. Tales and Novels — Volume 08
  • He was a right-footed left winger, a prolific scorer who cut in from the wing with pace and superb dribbling skills. Times, Sunday Times
  • Fancy an heir that a father had seen born well-featured and fair, turning suddenly wry-nosed, club-footed, squint-eyed, hair-lipped, wapper-jawed, carrot-haired, from a pride become an aversion, -- my case was yet worse. The Complete Poetical Works of James Russell Lowell
  • When the gentleman who guided me through the bush left me on the side of a pali, I discovered that Kahele, though strong, gentle, and sure-footed, possesses the odious fault known as balking, and expressed his aversion to ascend the other side in a most unmistakable manner. The Hawaiian Archipelago
  • I'm in my running shorts and my T-shirt, and I'm barefooted.
  • And I can hear the clump clump clump of the three posh post-university flatsharing chums thumping about their flat upstairs, slamming doors, shouting to each other and walking heavy-footed across my dream-flat.
  • Meanwhile, the fleet footed and well connected have profited from surging exports, a bubbly urban real estate market and, occasionally, government boosterism.
  • Forty-two percent of the diet of the black-footed penguin is small shoaling fish, with 25 species of fish, including anchovies (Engraulis capensis) and sardines (Sardinops sagax) being recorded, as well as 18 species of crustaceans, three species of squid, and one species of polychaete worm. Black-footed penguin
  • Does he have any tips for us oldies who may be slightly less sure-footed about the rest of our lives? Times, Sunday Times
  • With his long arms and peculiar flatfooted gait, his opponents compared him to an ape. Times, Sunday Times
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