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[ UK /flɔːɹˈɛsəns/ ]
[ US /ˌfɫʊˈɹɛsəns/ ]
  1. light emitted during absorption of radiation of some other (invisible) wavelength
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How To Use fluorescence In A Sentence

  • Spontaneous emission and resonance fluorescence of an adatom adsorbed near a smail metallic particle are studied by means of the surface-dressed optical Bloch equations and the modified image theory.
  • We observe a reduction in fluorescence anisotropy only in the presence of FRET from linked mVenus and mCerulean.
  • The luciferin-luciferase's reaction system may emit fluorescence, while the toxic substances will suppress the luminous intensity.
  • They are polar compounds and exhibit a high fluorescence quantum yield and lase efficiently both in liquid and in solid solutions, with some of them outperforming the laser performance of the reference dye Rhodamine 6G.
  • In an attempt to shed light on this matter, we have studied the intrinsic fluorescence properties of the purine and pyrimidine nucleosides dA, dG, dT, and dC in organic solvents in the presence of small amounts of water.
  • Now, if that cell was then to divide, the fluorescence would be halved in the daughter cells.
  • We performed laser induced fluorescence imaging by exciting the immobilized MBs with an evanescent wave field produced at the silica-water interface.
  • BHT could induce apoptosis to pulmonary macrophage in the perfusate of isolate perfused rat lung as examined by the technology of PI fluorescence stain and comet assay.
  • Fluorescence micrographs of radicle cells of dry seeds and seedlings of Medicago truncatula, labelled with tubulin antibody and with a fluorescent secondary antibody.
  • The technique is based on tracking the fluorescence or scattering signal of a nanoparticle bound to the molecule of interest.
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