[ UK /flˈʌb/ ]
  1. an embarrassing mistake
  1. make a mess of, destroy or ruin
    the pianist screwed up the difficult passage in the second movement
    I botched the dinner and we had to eat out
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How To Use flub In A Sentence

  • I think our 'flubs' are really creative "opportunities" in the making. Dotty apron....
  • Jerky recipe sounds great. someone just gave me some deer peperoni and they must have flubbed somewhere because it was so salty, even after cooking some with cabbage, I threw the rest away. what a waste of good meat. gotta have jerky for the kids, young and old Deer Candy: Phil Bourjaily's Favorite Venison Jerky Recipe
  • But maybe it was a flub to wear the polo shirt with the alligator again.
  • Mian and Mulla (1982a) compared the ovicidal effectiveness of triflumuron, diflubenzuron and methoprene on wheat flour and wheat at 5 ppm, using Oryzoephilus surinamensis, Tribolium castaneum, Rhyzopertha dominica and Sitophilus oryzae. Chapter 7
  • He later apologised saying he 'flubbed the line'. The Sun
  • (Perhaps that’s why my second favorite Colbert crackup is “Daily Show/Colbert Toss: Universal Healthcare,” which ends with Stewart standing and screaming, “No, you don’t get another chance!” into the camera after Colbert flubbed a second line and wanted to continue the bit.) Colbert's Best Crackups: 'Prince Charles Scandal' still atop your list? | EW.com
  • While that's certainly true of the Target Lady, Kristen did bite at my suggestion of a film chronicling the glamorous backstory of stage star-turned-game show flubber Mindy Grayson: "A Mindy Grayson movie," she says. Keck's Exclusives: A Kristen Wiig Variety Show?
  • Then he creates a hyperkinetic rubber called flubber and suddenly he's thwarting villains, winning basketball games and saving his rinky-dinky college, as well as his love life. Film Clips
  • The same thing is true defensively (dating back to last season) - he no longer is making great plays and flubbing routine ones.
  • When the show begins, the set and costumes haven't arrived, lines are flubbed, actors go missing, sound and light cues are mixed up and props break.
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