How To Use Flatness In A Sentence

  • It's a flat place, not the mind-numbing flatness of western Kansas, there is some roll, some hilliness as the land rises toward the Ozark mountains of Missouri and Arkansas, but still smooth with a horizon that stretches forever. Archive 2010-04-01
  • The Fast Fourier Transform ( FFT ) is applied to spectral analysis of flatness measurement.
  • Resin emery wheel with motor can true the diamond wheel flatness easily.
  • The absence of forest and other obstructions to the view, the breadth and flatness of the valleys, and the undulating character of the lower ranges that traverse its surface, give it a comparatively level appearance, and suggest the term "maidan" or "plains" to the Tibetan, when comparing his country with the complicated ridges of the deep Sikkim valleys. Himalayan Journals — Complete
  • You see how truly your prediction regarding the flatness of the creature's head is substantiated by these casts; it is really not easy to know how, placed on so flat a surface, the eyes could have been very available save for star-gazing; but as nature makes no mistakes in such matters, it is possible that the creature, like the flatfishes, may have lived much at the bottom, and that most of the seeing it had use for may have been seeing in an upward direction. Louis Agassiz His Life and Correspondence
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  • He crouched, eyes fixed on the flatness, desperately ignoring the curvature beyond. SEIZE THE RECKLESS WIND
  • This week, Nathalie Kellens (KULeuven) and Patrick Degryse (Physico-Chemical Geology, KULeuven) classified debris from smithing activities retrieved from the urban and territorial surveys and from the excavations within the city center according to weight, volume, density, mineralogy, chemistry, ellipticity, flatness, position in the smithing hearth and profile of the cakes. Interactive Dig Sagalassos - Metallurgical Studies Report 2
  • Flatness is all, with the pale grey epidermis of the concrete peeled away in places to reveal supersize frameless vitrines.
  • While Vonnegut bitterly lampooned the placelessness of Midwestern life in Breakfast of Champions with his portrait of a fictional "Midland City" based on Indianapolis, he also wrote warmly of the way the very flatness of the region could inspire "awe for an Edenic continent stretching forever in all directions. Matt Sledge: Kurt Vonnegut Returns To Midland City
  • The flatness of the universe indicates that most of the matter in it is invisible, or dark.
  • In actual measurement for departure from flatness, the uncertainty of measurement result is usually not given.
  • Duncan's accentuation of the foot's flatness and contact with the ground was further emphasized by her love of dancing on lawns in order to feel the earth between her toes.
  • I recall Rosie waxing lyrical about the flatness of his stomach.
  • Except in years he was not young; he could not manage to be "clubable"; he was serious and awkward at a supper party; he was altogether without the effervescence which is necessary in order to avoid flatness. Michael
  • Again, it is imperfect when the chilliness, flatness, the essential oils, the taste of earth and of cask, and above all, an excess of froe spirit, are manifestly noticed at the base of that organ. The Art of Living in Australia
  • The Mechanic R "A striking-looking work, combining an arty inkiness with a retro-graininess that more or less screams 1970s, albeit without the cliches and flatness. On screen this week: 'Biutiful,''Barney's Version,''The Mechanic'
  • They seemed so odd, with their watery eyes, the flatness of their furred heads banging the stalls to draw my attention, their long tongues hanging out, mouths dripping with saliva. Deadly
  • it needed lemon juice to sharpen the flatness of the dried lentils
  • The flatness of the desert was broken only by a few large piles of rocks.
  • Other paintings in the show juxtapose cinematic effects with sections that insist upon the obdurate flatness of the picture's surface.
  • Flatness itself has just about nothing to do with simplicity; the only complexity added by progressivity is looking up a number in a chart at the end. Matthew Yglesias » Tax Simplification and the Flat Tax
  • The views south-west are the second best of the walk, over the flatness of the Vale of Pickering to the rise of the Howardian Hills.
  • The views south-west are the second best of the walk, over the flatness of the Vale of Pickering to the rise of the Howardian Hills.
  • You cannot predict the cliff from the flatness of the plateau. March 29th, 2009
  • Persian Gulf, flatness and marshiness of the region around, 7; reached further inland than now, 201. Chaldea From the Earliest Times to the Rise of Assyria
  • The traditional illusionism of the still-life genre (think Zeuxis and Parrhasios as well as de Heem and Chardin) is rejected in favor of bravura flatness and self-revelation of the paint stroke.
  • Its flatness suggests two-dimensionality while the incurvations, slight protuberances and incisions suggest three-dimensionality.
  • I recall Rosie waxing lyrical about the flatness of his stomach.
  • Streaking across the varnished canvases, the reflections reveal tiny cracks, vigorous brushstrokes and traces of impasto, and generate a tension between painterly substance and photographic flatness.
  • Remember that surface flatness is always much more important than shininess.
  • Her earlier work exploited the tensions of flatness in paintings of punctures, protrusions and simple forms whose symbolic possibilities were always implicit.
  • The roll measurement with piezo - effect sensor to aquire flatness signal are presented.
  • The flatness and distance of their testimony is partly an artifact of using an interpreter, but education, class, and culture operate to homogenize them into stereotypic depictions.
  • Babylonia, a part of Lower Mesopotamia, 7; excessive flatness of, 9; later name for "Shumir and Accad" and for "Chaldea," 237. Chaldea From the Earliest Times to the Rise of Assyria
  • The sinking of bodies in water has likewise the same effect, as I remember to have heard of bottles of wine being let down into a deep well to cool, but through accident or neglect being left there for many years, and then taken out; and that the wine not only was free from sourness or flatness, but tasted much finer, owing, it would seem, to a more exquisite commixture of its parts. The New Organon
  • Thickness is not an entirely free parameter, though; overly thin components suffer from poor flatness or transmitted wavefront distortion.
  • Nor have they the fine American hand for devising new verbs; to maffick, to limehouse, to strafe and to wangle are their best specimens in twenty years, and all have an almost pathetic flatness. Chapter 6. Tendencies in American. 3. Processes of Word-Formation
  • Only the concrete dividers separating the opposing lanes of traffic broke the utter flatness.
  • Even at this distance the flopping flatness of his cap, the bright brown leather at the top of his calves, and the chequering of his stockings were perceptible. The Wheels of Chance: a bicycling idyll
  • It is misleading to call the counterexample the "flatness problem," and then pretend it has a solution. Conservapedia - Recent changes [en]
  • The aluminum bands and rivets that comprise the work can only speak of the brushed surface or the inexorable flatness of the metal.
  • The form and scale of the building recalls ancient Venetian palazzi, but it is treated in a more abstract, contemporary fashion, with an emphasis on the flatness of the external surface.
  • the almost self-conscious flatness of Hemingway's style
  • With the help of a punk sidekick scene stealer Ksenia Solo, Bo forges her own path, trying to keep her lethal desires under control, and the action and whimsy help compensate for an overall flatness in the rest of the ensemble casting and low-budget production. Monday TV in Review: Alcatraz, Lost Girl, Being Human and More
  • The novel's weaknesses are an occasional tendency to talkiness, the rather familiar setup of the relationship of the main characters, and the slight flatness of the ending.
  • It is possible to minimize flatness variations in polygon facets by carefully mounting the polygonal mirror to the spindle.
  • An ellipse is a flattened circle, and the degree of flatness is indicated by a numerical quantity called eccentricity, abbreviated e.
  • Except in years he was not young; he could not manage to be "clubable"; he was serious and awkward at a supper party; he was altogether without the effervescence which is necessary in order to avoid flatness. Michael
  • Such bottom-land as borders the Pamunkey river, for example, might be called undulating, compared to the general greater flatness of the whole great region under consideration. Agricultural, Geological, and Descriptive Sketches of Lower North Carolina, and the Similar Adjacent Lands
  • We have seen truss screeds used to span 50-foot wide sections, but that is pushing things near their limit - unless flatness isn't an issue.
  • Took it to the tire shop to have it repaired and the guy said the cause of the severe flatness was a nail: a short nail with a large head.
  • Not a single tree relieved the flatness of the plain.
  • Enormous hedgeless fields slide by, half flooded by the recent rains and in poor heart, the flatness relieved only by rusting dumps of derelict machinery and the hulks of abandoned factories, their windows so diligently smashed by some local Cromwell that hardly a whole pane survives. Wildwood
  • Shortly before this flatness we saw sargasso weed floating by.
  • In his report on the text, Sewall called the passage "dismaying" in its flatness and brevity. Top Blogs
  • As I returned by the east side of the lake, the splendid high farming-lands that extend from the shore to the foot of the mountain were strikingly in contrast with the flatness and barrenness of the plain on the water-side, which is so slightly elevated above the level of the salt water that a few inches of rise in the laguna spreads out an immense sheet of saline water, and yet there is not a solitary evaporating vat where there is an unlimited demand for the evaporated article at fourteen shillings the _aroba_. Mexico and its Religion With Incidents of Travel in That Country During Parts of the Years 1851-52-53-54, and Historical Notices of Events Connected With Places Visited
  • Within these dense geometries, he achieved virtuosic manipulations of optically mixed color, conjuring intriguing tensions between effects of transparency and opacity, flatness and volume.
  • I feel no wild whoopee, just a quiet thankfulness and feeling of ‘flatness’.
  • One side has optimum freedom from surface imperfections; supplied with a maximum degree of flatness, for use as a plate in offset printing.
  • Notice the flatness and the rich, red earth.
  • (thermal growth); bore and turbine diaphragm alignment; flatness and straightness measuring and vertical plumbness measuring. Reliable Plant Magazine
  • Their globed eyes have never seen the grey flatness of our human vision. A Year on the Wing
  • Long earth berms conceal cars and animate the pancake flatness of the suburban topography.

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