[ US /ˈfɫætnəs/ ]
[ UK /flˈætnəs/ ]
  1. a want of animation or brilliance
    the almost self-conscious flatness of Hemingway's style
  2. the property of having little or no contrast; lacking highlights or gloss
  3. inactivity; showing an unusual lack of energy
    the general appearance of sluggishness alarmed his friends
  4. the property of having two dimensions
  5. a deficiency in flavor
    it needed lemon juice to sharpen the flatness of the dried lentils
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How To Use flatness In A Sentence

  • It's a flat place, not the mind-numbing flatness of western Kansas, there is some roll, some hilliness as the land rises toward the Ozark mountains of Missouri and Arkansas, but still smooth with a horizon that stretches forever. Archive 2010-04-01
  • The Fast Fourier Transform ( FFT ) is applied to spectral analysis of flatness measurement.
  • Resin emery wheel with motor can true the diamond wheel flatness easily.
  • The absence of forest and other obstructions to the view, the breadth and flatness of the valleys, and the undulating character of the lower ranges that traverse its surface, give it a comparatively level appearance, and suggest the term "maidan" or "plains" to the Tibetan, when comparing his country with the complicated ridges of the deep Sikkim valleys. Himalayan Journals — Complete
  • You see how truly your prediction regarding the flatness of the creature's head is substantiated by these casts; it is really not easy to know how, placed on so flat a surface, the eyes could have been very available save for star-gazing; but as nature makes no mistakes in such matters, it is possible that the creature, like the flatfishes, may have lived much at the bottom, and that most of the seeing it had use for may have been seeing in an upward direction. Louis Agassiz His Life and Correspondence
  • He crouched, eyes fixed on the flatness, desperately ignoring the curvature beyond. SEIZE THE RECKLESS WIND
  • This week, Nathalie Kellens (KULeuven) and Patrick Degryse (Physico-Chemical Geology, KULeuven) classified debris from smithing activities retrieved from the urban and territorial surveys and from the excavations within the city center according to weight, volume, density, mineralogy, chemistry, ellipticity, flatness, position in the smithing hearth and profile of the cakes. Interactive Dig Sagalassos - Metallurgical Studies Report 2
  • Flatness is all, with the pale grey epidermis of the concrete peeled away in places to reveal supersize frameless vitrines.
  • While Vonnegut bitterly lampooned the placelessness of Midwestern life in Breakfast of Champions with his portrait of a fictional "Midland City" based on Indianapolis, he also wrote warmly of the way the very flatness of the region could inspire "awe for an Edenic continent stretching forever in all directions. Matt Sledge: Kurt Vonnegut Returns To Midland City
  • The flatness of the universe indicates that most of the matter in it is invisible, or dark.
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