[ US /ˈfiɫɝ/ ]
[ UK /fˈiːlɐ/ ]
  1. slender tactile process on the jaws of a fish
  2. sensitivity similar to that of a receptor organ
    he had a special antenna for public relations
  3. one of a pair of mobile appendages on the head of e.g. insects and crustaceans; typically sensitive to touch and taste
  4. a tentative suggestion designed to elicit the reactions of others
    she rejected his advances
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How To Use feeler In A Sentence

  • If you are searching for work, put out feelers in seemingly unlikely directions.
  • One of the things it says is that several players have already put out feelers as they explore the chances of making a quick exit from the troubled club.
  • Palmula: = pulvillus; q.v. Palp: a mouth feeler or palpus. Explanation of Terms Used in Entomology
  • But there is competition. HSBC and Standard Chartered are also reportedly angling to return, and other big banks have put out feelers.
  • The tip of the snout is expanded into a naked pink disc which supports 22 finger-like tentacles or feelers which give this creature its name.
  • Already in 1987 Austria had put out feelers to Moscow to see what its reaction would be if Austria was to apply to join the European Community.
  • The letter was a feeler to see what his attitude might be.
  • Like all lobsters, he has ten legs and two claws (the right slightly larger than the left), and two pairs of antennae or feelers.
  • Nor is it more difficult to discern that, in the appendages of the tail, the middle division appears again and the outer vanishes; while, on the other hand, in the foremost jaw, the so-called mandible, the inner division only is left; and, in the same way, the parts of the feelers and of the eye-stalks can be identified with those of the legs and jaws. Essays
  • Here we have a centiped nearly a foot in length, with innumerable legs, and two horns or feelers, which it protrudes with the most venomous expression. The Western World Picturesque Sketches of Nature and Natural History in North and South America
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