[ UK /ˈa‍ɪləs/ ]
[ US /ˈaɪɫəs/ ]
  1. lacking eyes or eyelike features
    eyeless fish that evolved in dark caves
    an eyeless needle
  2. lacking sight
    blind as an eyeless beggar
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How To Use eyeless In A Sentence

  • And of course, Hitchcock loved a little blindness, eyelessness and many another narrative or visual coup based on visual impairment - in The Birds alone, think of all-pecked-up farmer Fawcett, the crushed spectacles, the game of blind man's buff. Film | guardian.co.uk
  • The eyeless sea urchin also has genes associated with taste, smell, hearing, balance - and surprisingly, even vision. ...
  • The discovery of the deepest known "black smoker" vents has revealed eyeless shrimps and white tentacled anemones living 3.1 miles below the surface in a Caribbean rift. 'Black Smoker' Vents: New Species Discovered Near Deepest Undersea Hot Springs (PHOTOS)
  •   Our cousins lived next door to the junkyard, twenty acres of Studebakers and LaSalles, two-toned Hudson Hornets and eyeless DeSotos; broken pulpwood trucks; and Fords, Plymouths, and Chevrolets without bound. Cover Story
  • an eyeless needle
  • IV. iii.182 (361,8) eyeless venom'd worm] The serpent, which we, from the smallness of his eyes, call the _blind worm_, and the Latins, Notes to Shakespeare, Volume III: The Tragedies
  • Rows of polystyrene heads, faceless but exuberantly bewigged, stare eyelessly down from shelves. Times, Sunday Times
  • Here are the legless, armless, eyeless and toothless; the polio-crippled, the mine-maimed, the buboed and leprous, the self-mutilated and the plain mad.
  • Over 180 species have been found in the cave, from spiders to bats and eyeless fish.
  • The Tooth Cave pseudoscorpion is a large, eyeless pseudoscorpion with elongated appendages.
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