How To Use Extravert In A Sentence

  • Whether they were introverting from outer hurts, or extraverting their energy, what was true was the fact that they did not quit on themselves. Dr. Cara Barker: Key #1 To Your Sound Financial Future: The Root Of Money
  • extravert" to characterize artists and their relationship to their work (or maybe more precisely, their muses). Cahiers de Corey
  • Extraverts compared to introverts were found to have elevated frontal blood flow even at rest and depressed patients whose conditions have been linked to neuroticism were found to have reduced blood flow in that same region of the brain.
  • People who display extraverted characteristics - such as being talkative or energetic - are happier at those moments.
  • Technically I'm an ambivert: equally extraverted and introverted. The Space Between My Peers
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  • We found that highly extraverted people are happier with their lives because they tend to hold a positive view of the past.
  • Whereas the extravert is oriented primarily to events in the outer world, the introvert is primarily concerned with the inner world.
  • Everyone spends some time extraverting and some time introverting.
  • Which you choose depends on how extravert you are I guess. The Countess of Lovelace, ordinary or exceptional? « Baby is 60 – Tim Panton on voice and computers
  • There are degrees to intro - and extra - version, so your character doesn’t have to be a total loner, but if he’s even slightly introverted, trying to maintain fame like an extravert is going to make this charade really exhausting and he’ll crash when he finally comes home. Superhero Nation: how to write superhero novels and comic books » Which Origin Stories are Plausible?
  • The extravert needs to learn to slow down, but the introvert needs to learn to speak up. When Innies Love Outies: How Odd Couples Cope
  • This is deliciously extraverted music, deliciously conducted by Boskovsky.
  • The introvert is quiet and appears to be listening; the extravert takes this as a cue to keep talking. When Innies Love Outies: How Odd Couples Cope
  • The introvert may shut out the extravert, perhaps while silently nodding, or stop trying to contribute," she says. When Innies Love Outies: How Odd Couples Cope
  • He was a colourful, theatrical figure, who could be extravert one day, and thoughtful and reserved the next. Times, Sunday Times
  • Thus, while the U.S. might value extraverts, other cultures value introverted personality.
  • Dr. Brian Little had attendees roaring with laughter with his psychological analysis of extraverts, introverts and ambiverts and how we are more efficient together.
  • The one claiming to be orthodox, and the other claiming to have the living spirit, which would also be the contrast between extravert and introvert types.
  • Introverted people tend to do things alone, extraverted people need to have the fellowship of others of like mind.
  • Extraverts tend to possess skills such as sociability, talkativeness, and a high interest in affiliation.
  • Jung believed that the more secular, materialistic, and compulsively extraverted our civilization became, the greater the unhappiness, senselessness and aimlessness of our lives.
  • • Decide upon a signal the introvert can use to tell the extravert to stop talking so much, and the extravert can use to say he needs to know what the introvert is thinking. When Innies Love Outies: How Odd Couples Cope
  • The researchers measured four extraverted characteristics - talkativeness, assertiveness, adventurousness and energy level - in 46 college students.
  • Researchers measured extraversion and introversion among participants with a standard questionnaire and then compared extraverts to introverts by correlating the extraversion score to the strength of the positive-affect boost.
  • He worked with the CEO of one Fortune 500 company who has a policy of silence for the first 15 minutes of meetings. He does not utter a single word, although he is an extravert.
  • In contrast, extravert brains show more activity in areas related to pleasure-seeking. When Innies Love Outies: How Odd Couples Cope
  • But not somebody who goes from being an introvert to an extravert (because a true introvert is exhausted by being around people, and extraverts are energized by other people, and that just doesn’t change in real life) or from being a couch potato to loving exercise and training (because that’s an incredibly difficult change in real life too). Superhero Nation: how to write superhero novels and comic books » Which Origin Stories are Plausible?
  • While past research has shown that extraverts are, in general, happier than introverts, no studies showed whether introverts who display extravert characteristics are also happier.
  • Scientists now widely believe people generally fall into five personality traits: open, conscientious, extravert, agreeable or neurotic. The 5 Big Personality Traits: Which One Are You?
  • The formula is some what the same except that the psychiatrist is now the seemingly crazy extravert and the client is the meek and submissive type.
  • Large complex teams need people from both ends of the introvert/extravert spectrum. Times, Sunday Times
  • These descriptions are more accurate than the previous, but they only refer to the descriptions of extravert types obtained this way.

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