[ UK /ɛkstˈɛnsɐ/ ]
  1. a skeletal muscle whose contraction extends or stretches a body part
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How To Use extensor In A Sentence

  • What you can't see in this shot is that my feet are actually cut, and (for additional grossness) I can pump up my extensor digitorum brevis muscle so that it's ripped and the veins over it pop. Total carnage! i love it!
  • [23] In the leg below the knee, and in the forearm, we have two groups of "benders" or _flexors_, and "straighteners" or _extensors_, as in the upper arm and leg, only slenderer and more numerous. A Handbook of Health
  • Deep tendon reflexes are usually diminished, but in cases with prominent lateral column disease may be hyperactive with extensor plantar reflexes.
  • On the front of the ankle (Fig. 441) the sheath for the Tibialis anterior extends from the upper margin of the transverse crural ligament to the interval between the diverging limbs of the cruciate ligament; those for the Extensor digitorum longus and Extensor hallucis longus reach upward to just above the level of the tips of the malleoli, the former being the higher. IV. Myology. 8d. The Fasciæ Around the Ankle
  • You'll train your abdominals and spine extensors to work simultaneously to maintain your lifted position as you move your top leg.
  • The explosive rush and momentum of these deafferented extensor reflexes recall the ataxy of tabes. Sir Charles Sherrington - Nobel Lecture
  • Flexion of the elbow is avoided because contraction of the biceps brachii (flexor brachii) or the extensors, which are antagonists of the flexors of the carpus, tenses the carpal flexors and pain is thereby increased. Lameness of the Horse Veterinary Practitioners' Series, No. 1
  • A tooth may penetrate an extensor tendon and MCP joint capsule, sometimes fracturing a metacarpal or phalangeal bone.
  • The first dorsal interosseous muscle inserts into the extensor expansion.
  • D. TRANSTIBIAL AMPUTEES: STEP OVER STEP: When ascending stairs, the transtibial amputee who does not have the ability to dorsiflex his foot/ankle assembly must generate a stronger concentric contraction of the knee and hip extensors in order to successfully transfer body weight over the prosthetic limb. Recently Uploaded Slideshows
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