even so

  1. despite anything to the contrary (usually preceding a concession)
    he was a stern yet fair master
    although I'm a little afraid, however I'd like to try it
    granted that it is dangerous, all the same I still want to go
    while we disliked each other, nevertheless we agreed
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How To Use even so In A Sentence

  • It's a bit unexpected not to include any measures of syntactic complexity - even something as simple as mean sentence length.
  • Even so it is a very secure bend and can put up with a good deal of strain and movement. It can also be used to tie a bend with thin line.
  • I don't think you're playing devil's advocate (a word every/filmer seems to want use) simply by making entirely senseless comparisons between films like Transformers and There Will Be Blood, and ranting on with points of view that even someone in defense of Transformers would never use. Things I Noticed While Watching 20 Minutes of JJ Abrams’ Star Trek | /Film
  • Not surprisingly, there are about three Joes for every Jane – but even so, that means there are over 8 million Janes.
  • All of these documentary specials rely heavily on source material for visuals and even sound.
  • It has to be something of substance, some legal, moral or even social duty, but it has to have substance.
  • In fact, it took a highly deceptive sales campaign to get Americans to support the invasion, and even so, voters were never as solidly behind the war as America's political and pundit elite.
  • Even so, there's something odd about finding the everyman denim dungaree for sale at the store that once offered the promise of making every man a gentleman. 'Fake Authenticity' for Sale
  • There are grunts, an accompanying triangle, and even something like be-bop drums.
  • Even so, they wallow in the lifelessness of the mood of despair and they make no effort to step out of their lethargy.
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