[ US /ˌɛpɪˈstɛmɪk/ ]
  1. of or relating to epistemology
    epistemic modal
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How To Use epistemic In A Sentence

  • The agential powers of the self-ascriber also play an important role in another non-epistemic construal of what is special about self-knowledge, the authority view. Self-Knowledge
  • But gender relations cannot be universalized, and race relations also lack transhistorical necessity, so neither the standpoint of women nor of black women can claim epistemic privilege.
  • Skeptics note that in the epistemic context it is inappropriate to grant anyone knowledge.
  • Nanda locates a number of sources of epistemic charity or nihilism.
  • We alone can be wracked with doubt, and we alone have been provoked by that epistemic itch to seek a remedy: better truth-seeking methods.
  • One's view on whether or not the epistemic commitment that is being attributed to the common element theorist by Martin is excessively burdensome may depend, in part, on how one understands the notion of introspective indiscriminability in play in his argument. Petty Injuries
  • It is perfectly possible to accept moral relativism while rejecting epistemic relativism - relativism about truth.
  • In knowledge organization, the generation of theory has moved from an epistemic stance of pragmatism, to empiricism.
  • I would only add that both will and going to (like most modals or modal phrases) are used to express two kinds of meanings: 1. meanings related to how we see the likelihood of events (sometimes called extrinsic, or epistemic, modality); and meanings related to how we intervene in, or exert change on, events (intrinsic or deontic modality). C is for Corpus « An A-Z of ELT
  • The same philosophers who worry that friendship leads us into "bad epistemic conduct"—because our affections lead us to think unrealistically well of our pals—are alarmed at the prospects for "bad faith" among patriots, what with their tendency to think the best about their own country, the evidence be damned. The Trials of Devotion
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