1. relating to the epicanthus
    epicanthic folds
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How To Use epicanthic In A Sentence

  • Or how about dividing humanity by who has epicanthic eye folds, which produce the "Asian" eye? Lactose Intolerance Transcends Race
  • It was ironically oblique, a rebuke to bigotry referring to how bigots tend to seize upon visual cues to set their targets apart whether valid or not: a Jewish nose, dark skin, epicanthic folds, a limp wrist, etc. "This is my dream. I make the path."
  • Pink or brown, time to break with an ignoble past, and that includes breaking with reptile-brained reactions to differences in skin-melanin content or epicanthic eyelid folds.
  • His skin glowed like warm honey in the noon sun — smooth, his face with its trace of epicanthic folds and full lips saved from prettiness by a small, jagged scar on one cheek. BOOK VIEW CAFE BLOG » Jaydium: Revising a False Start
  • Otherwise, don't expect to see dark skin or epicanthic folds on the leads unless the actors playing them are superstars like Denzel Washington whose star power transcends their race. MIND MELD: What Makes a Successful SciFi/Fantasy Book Adaptation? Why Do Some Fail?
  • He was a tall, thin man with only the hint of an epicanthic fold.
  • I just thought that with his epicanthic folds and broad, flat nose bridge Russell had Down's Sydrome Marketing Up’s Asian-American Lead Character | /Film
  • The theory certainly exists that this is an adoption and exaggeration of Western standards of beauty; in a related matter, surgery to remove the epicanthic fold from the eye to make it look larger has been popular in Japan, and the famed animator Hayao Miyazaki once said, controversially, that "the Japanese hate their own faces. Movie Review: Speed Racer
  • The majority of the human species had blended into various shades of brown, usually accompanied by dark hair and, more often than not, at least a trace of epicanthic fold to the eyes.
  • He leaned toward her, laughing, a male version of her beauty — dark hair, faint epicanthic folds of the eyelids, golden skin. BOOK VIEW CAFE BLOG » Jaydium: Revising a False Start
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