[ US /ɪˈfɛmɝəɫ/ ]
[ UK /ɪfˈɛməɹə‍l/ ]
  1. anything short-lived, as an insect that lives only for a day in its winged form
  1. lasting a very short time
    fugacious blossoms
    the ephemeral joys of childhood
    a passing fancy
    youth's transient beauty
    love is transitory but it is eternal
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How To Use ephemeral In A Sentence

  • I'd live the transient and ephemeral existence of a backpacker for a week, an existence of freedom and simple pleasures.
  • The use of the linguistic frame ‘as A said to B’ is therefore potentially infinitely productive, even if examples are ephemeral, singular, and difficult to collect.
  • The moment the pumping of the ether or rhigolene ceases, the tissue operated on ceases to be frozen, so ephemeral is the degree of the cold obtained by these means. Scientific American Supplement, No. 358, November 11, 1882
  • For the romantic and postromantic traditions of poetics in which Benjamin and Adorno participate, modern lyric ambition stands as a, or even the, high-risk enterprise, the "go-for-broke-game" [ "va-banque-Spiel"], of literary art: The lyric poem must work coherently in and with the mediumlanguagethat human beings use to articulate objective concepts, even while the lyric explores the most subjective, nonconceptual, and ephemeral phenomena. Sociopolitical (i.e., _Romantic_) Difficulty in Modern Poetry and Aesthetics
  • Composed of hundreds of ephemeral objects, from sugar cookies to vials of cheap perfume to devotional candles, popular santos, kitschy trinkets and cans of Goya beans, ‘Infinito Botanica’ is a vast still life.
  • It is unusual to make a dedication of something as ephemeral as a column. Times, Sunday Times
  • More generally, there are the well-known patterns whereby plants with large genomes cannot adopt an annual or ephemeral lifestyle and in which weeds tend to have small genomes.
  • He continues by breaking down UxD, examining how each element implied in the title illuminate his hypothesis - that the ephemeral and insubstantial Comments at Boxes and Arrows
  • The trend in species richness throughout the two growing seasons sampled in this study was a decline in numbers of species from May through July as spring ephemerals senesced.
  • It was also the last of village France, with palpable limits, yet freedom from ephemeral diversions.
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