How To Use Ephedra In A Sentence

  • Other studies comparing ephedra with placebo or herbs containing caffeine yielded similar results.
  • These products, available in health food stores or on the Internet, contain stimulants such as ephedra, caffeine, and guarana, with variable additions of common herbs or vitamins.
  • The vegetation is a mix of grasses, annual herbs and isolated patches of mesquite, cholla, ephedra and yucca.
  • She had been taking a weight-loss product containing caffeine and the herb ephedra on-and-off for three years.
  • Dominant species include the cold-tolerant, xerophytic shrub, Haloxylon ammodendron (Goosefoot Family Chenopodiaceae), the tamarisk (Reaumuria spp.), and the gymnosperm Ephedra przewalski. Qaidam Basin semi-desert
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  • There's some ephedra waiting, in a flavor of your choice.
  • Along the escarpments, redberry junipers grow on the rimrock and cliff faces, along with skunkbush sumac, ephedra, mountain mahogany, plum, grape, and clematis. Ecoregions of Texas (EPA)
  • Pamela Bradley had taken about six times the recommended dose of diet pills containing the herb ephedra.
  • Ephedra is probably safe, especially as a whole plant, in modest doses for people who do not have the medical conditions that contraindicate its use. The Best Alternative Medicine
  • Its most active -- and controversial -- ingredients are two stimulants: 40 milligrams of caffeine (about what you get in a shot of espresso) and 12 milligrams of ephedra, which is derived from a Chinese herb called mahuang. Weighing The Health Risks, In Your Body
  • Pamela Bradley had taken about six times the recommended dose of diet pills containing the herb ephedra.
  • An interesting aspect of Leroi-Gourhan's discovery was the number of medicinal plants, such as hollyhock, ephedra, horsetail and yarrow, indicating that Neanderthals might have understood herbal remedies as well as appreciating the beauty of flowers. Say it with your own arrangement - or cutting garden - of flowers
  • For instance, consider ephedra, an herb found in many supplements and muscle enhancement products.
  • Most of ephedra's activity stems from the ephedrine component, which produces amphetamine-like actions.
  • The vegetation is a mix of grasses, annual herbs and isolated patches of mesquite, cholla, ephedra and yucca.
  • Consumers Union, the nonprofit publisher of Consumer Reports, said the findings were the latest reminder that ephedra is dangerous and should be removed from store shelves. - Medical examiner: Ephedra a factor in Bechler death
  • In Ayurvedic medicine - the same ancient science that gave us ephedra - garlic is recommended for weight loss.
  • But some featured other herbs containing ephedrine, the active ingredient in the herb ephedra.
  • And if weight-loss drugs are so great, why does she warn us later in the book about the dangers of the herb ephedra?
  • Part of this tarnishing comes from the controversy surrounding an herb called ephedra.
  • Drier (or eroded) areas support desert shrubs such as lotebush, agarita, tree cholla, and ephedra. Ecoregions of Texas (EPA)
  • Northwestern's doctors say ephedra caused the death. Houston Chronicle
  • | Permalink does the diet pill asenlix contain ephedra EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - ExtraLife Podcast #1
  • While ephedra is banned by the NFL, the NCAA and the International Olympic Committee, use of the substance, which is available without prescription, is allowed in baseball. - Consumers Union calls for baseball to ban ephedra
  • The drug contains 18 herbal ingredients, including ephedra, an herb that has been linked to dozens of fatalities.
  • Plus, some herbal products billed as energy boosters or fat burners contain caffeine-rich herbs such as guarana or stimulants such as ephedra.
  • FDA commissioner Mark McClellan told USA TODAY a ban on ephedra is "something we definitely are considering. - Time for a change in world of sport, supplements
  • I keep reading that the herb ephedra can be dangerous for the heart.
  • In a letter to the Food and Drug Administration, Consumers Union wrote that Bechler's death "should remind all consumers about the dangers" of ephedra and "should serve as a clarion call to the [FDA] to immediately ban dietary supplements containing ephedra from the marketplace. - Consumers Union calls for baseball to ban ephedra
  • Objective : To extract and determine total flavonoids and polysaccharides in Ephedra sinica.
  • If ephedra was involved, the supplement may have allowed him to push past his limit without him realizing it, because it is an energy booster.
  • Government regulations prohibiting the use of ephedra left a tremendous void in the energy/weight loss category.
  • In fact, a study in a major medical journal has shown that more than 75 percent of the side effects coming from herbs are from ephedra.
  • In some areas of Argentina, the Andean degraded caespitose (growing in dense tufts) herbaceous vegetation with open stands of dwarf shrubs includes Acantholippia hastulata, Adesmia horridiuscula, Baccharis incanum, Ephedra breana, Fabiana densa, Junellia seriphioides, Psila boliviensis, Senicio viridis, and Tetraglochin cristatum. Central Andean dry puna
  • A cup of tea made with Ephedra nevadensis, for instance, delivers a dose of ephedrine or pseudoephedrine powerful enough to suppress lactation.
  • The memo listed the potential side effects of ephedra and stressed that the HHS warning was directed to "athletes and those who engage in strenuous physical activities. - Players union issues ephedra warning
  • Vegetation within the desert consists of a thin scrub of Anabasis brevifolia while the peripheral areas support a dwarf woodland dominated by saxaul bush (Haloxylon ammodendron) and the gymnosperm Ephedra przewalskii. Junggar Basin semi-desert
  • While dieting, Bechler was taking Xenadrine RFA-1, an over-the-counter drug containing ephedrine, the active ingredient in ephedra. - Authorities say drug contributed to pitcher's death
  • Our policy for years, it's a written policy, is that we do not allow any products that contain ephedrine, ephedra ..., except as they're prescribed for drugs. - Pitcher's death similar to Stringer circumstances
  • The ephedra plant, from which the precursor of methamphetamine is made, grows wild in northern China.
  • Diabetics also must be carefully monitored as ephedra can elevate blood glucose levels.
  • This also is true of many herbal tablets, capsules and extracts, including black or blue cohosh, ephedra, dong quai, feverfew, juniper, pennyroyal, St. John's wort, rosemary and thuja.
  • Four substances in particular - DMAA, ephedra, yohimbine and synephrine - are now high on its worry list. Times, Sunday Times
  • Ephedra alkaloids commonly are combined with caffeine or botanical sources of caffeine (e.g., guarana, yerba mate) for weight loss.
  • The herb ephedra, which is found in many “miracle” weight-loss solutions, has the same mechanism of action but can cause heart attacks. You: On a Diet
  • Objective To investigate the therapeutic effects of Ephedra and Pueraria Decoction ( EPD ) on chronic sinusitis.
  • After ephedra vanished, the market experienced a lull in effective fat-burners.
  • The Ephedra equisetina contains the most ephedra, whereas the Ephedra nevadensis and Ephedra trifurca lack the alkaloid.
  • Is the ephedra / caffeine mix leading to a pound of fat loss each week, or is it the diet?
  • Ephedra (also known as ephedrine) is sold as a 'fat-burner'. Times, Sunday Times
  • These substances -- Ephedra contain a substance called ephedrine, which can produce all kinds of adverse effects in the body, rhythm disturbances, hypertension, stroke, sudden death, heat illness, you can go on. CNN Transcript Apr 15, 2005
  • The herb ephedra has been removed from many over-the-counter natural diet aids.
  • Yes, the autopsy revealed traces of ephedra. Houston Chronicle
  • Ecoregion 27m has a higher proportion of southwestern flora than elsewhere in Oklahoma; lotebush, ephedra, tobosa grass, agarita, and pencil cholla occur. Ecoregions of Oklahoma (EPA)
  • But ephedra also increases heart rate, which can cause heart rhythm problems.

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