[ UK /ɛnslˈe‍ɪvmənt/ ]
[ US /ɛnˈsɫeɪvmənt/ ]
  1. the state of being a slave
    So every bondman in his own hand bears the power to cancel his captivity
  2. the act of making slaves of your captives
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How To Use enslavement In A Sentence

  • Whatever the explanation, accommodation to slavery does not equal the acceptance of enslavement.
  • Today, America's highest profile antiscience elected leaders are calling climate change a hoax, harrassing and trying to intimidate scientists they disagree with, saying that creationism should be taught in science class, arguing that homosexuality is "personal enslavement" and that abstinence-only sex education works, opposing the arts, and passing resolutions that say that astrology controls the weather. Shawn Lawrence Otto: GOP Antiscientists Are Leading America Down a Dangerous Road
  • Losers were subject to "incineration" or "enslavement," a school administrator was quoted as saying. Consequences for playing 'Beat the Jew'
  • When this people organized and decided to fight to the last man or woman against the imperialists if they attacked us, no one can deny that we are defending peace, because to resist aggressors is to fight for peace; to surrender to the aggressors is the way to war or the enslavement of peoples. CLOSING OF THE CONGRESS OF WOMEN OF THE AMERICAS
  • It is a representation that masks reality and presents it as a meaningless form of enslavement, one that portrays the loss of freedom as marginal.
  • She paradoxically attacks her children to preserve them from enslavement.
  • But in the end, they all prefer the safety of enslavement to the dangers of freedom.
  • In the US the enslavement of Africans and their descendants continued well into the second half of the 19th century.
  • Older and wiser now, I am well aware that our own country has committed many crimes, some on a scale approaching those of Germany and Japan: the near extermination of Native Americans, the mass, centuries-long enslavement and cultural and physical destruction of millions of African slaves, the use of nuclear bombs on civilian targets, the decade-long saturation bombing and herbicidal poisoning of most of Indochina … Obama, Seeing Darkness, Conjures Up the Mists of Time
  • Any other form of government would be, in their case, as well as in that of minors, a practical denial of their rights; because it would result in the annihilation of their essential rights; that is, the enslavement of their wills to the basest passions of fallen nature. Lectures on the Philosophy and Practice of Slavery, as Exhibited in the Institution of Domestic Slavery in the United States: with the Duties of Masters to Slaves.
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