How To Use Encipher In A Sentence

  • If it was a lovely sister, maybe it can also become good friends, I am going to precedent, huh, huh, Encipherment QQ chat to look at his record is a shortcut.
  • The enciphering and deciphering of messages in secret code or cipher is called cryptology.
  • This would produce no confusion between the sender and the receiver as long as the enciphered notation was in orderly sequence. Cinnamon Roll
  • After wireless transmission by Morse code the enciphered message would be typed by the receiver onto an Enigma machine having the same ground setting, the key setting entered, and the text deciphered automatically.
  • Someone who wanted to be especially devious could encipher a banal plaintext with the actually significant information embedded in the structure of the key. A Quick Fringe Cipher Follow-Up
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  • Somehow, the sender and recipient agree on which section of the number string they will use to encipher and then decipher the message.
  • Yes, since you asked, we all got our daily enciphered marching orders from Koch Central (couriered, as usual, in a black envelope by a man who, according to official records, does not exist) a few months back. Desperately Seeking Sarah
  • I pointed out that it had taken him eighteen seconds to copy out his one-time pad groups and write his message beneath them, and another fifty seconds to encipher LONG LIVE TILTMAN. between silk and cyanide
  • Section VI of the ten point statement declares: “Users of digital communication equipment, systems, or devices shall be able to utilize encipher technology in order to protect the privacy and security of their communications.” "eBill of Rights" Proposed by Politically Diverse Organizations
  • The agency released the enciphered text, and a frenzy erupted in the crypto world as some of the best-and wackiest-cryptanalytic talent set to work. Kryptos: Code The CIA Can’t Crack | Impact Lab
  • The nulls may frequently occur in the enciphered message but they are, of course, immediately disregarded by the receiver. Cinnamon Roll
  • Some months earlier the comrades had asked us to develop an encryption system that would allow them to encipher and decipher their own files for safekeeping. Searching for a women's movement
  • Well, those of you who know anything about cryptography know that it’s not only possible to encipher an informative text with a certain cryptographic key, but to embed information in the key itself. A Quick Fringe Cipher Follow-Up
  • Parties who want to communicate in privacy share a relatively short key that they both use to select a sequence of random bits from the public broadcast; the selected bits serve as an enciphering key for their messages.
  • Here the message is enciphered word by word (or character by character), where the rule for the encryption of each word is determined by its position in the message.
  • Roughly six months later, when the testing process is completed, the identities of acceptable donors are enciphered.
  • In this type of cryptography the encryption function (which enciphers a message) can be computed by anybody, using the public key.
  • These keys are used to encipher a message between a transmitter and The Nobel Prize in Physics 2005
  • There is training in code (for example, how to encipher the instruction "kill this devil") and training in the proper posture for shooting someone ( "the body should be normal, not tense, and the joints relaxed, not too tight, not too loose"). Bin Laden's Invisible Network
  • A short message of a few hundred characters would take all evening to encipher. Mayibuye Returns
  • I did not doubt that the papers contained enciphered messages. Cinnamon Roll
  • In an aside, McLaren manages to both accept and deflect two weaknesses often associated with his work: “While some criticism is substantive — including a welcomed critique of the enciphered language of some academics and a challenge to radical educators to come up with concrete possibilities — much of it is small-minded and petty …” (p. 30). A Review of Capitalists and Conquerors, and an exchange
  • However, just as one side invented an ingenious new way to encipher its messages, so would its enemies discover a clever way of cracking that code.
  • MTC is primarily a study of the properties of a channel of communication and of codes that can efficiently encipher data into recordable and transmittable signals. Semantic Conceptions of Information
  • The new machine, called a cryptograph, in receiving the message as originally written by the sender and enciphering it mechanically, eliminates the human factor of the code clerk.
  • A participant or privileged participant shall encipher any payment instruction it makes, and a payment instruction shall have effect once it is given.
  • Cryptography is the enciphering and deciphering of messages in secret code or cipher.
  • These came from decrypted German messages sent on the Enigma enciphering machine, and by 1944, the Allies were reading some of the messages in 'real time’.
  • However, the key to success was to switch from plain text to enciphered text as well as frequency-hopping mode.
  • In May 1941, solution times for an Enigma-enciphered message averaged three or four days. The U-Boat Enigma
  • The Nazis went to great lengths to encipher their secret messages, building mechanical scramblers. Boing Boing: June 26, 2005 - July 2, 2005 Archives
  • I seized what I hoped were most of the enciphered messages, the radio crystals, and as many of the cipher books as I could reach.
  • This elegy, like the others, is a "lyric cry" of a man, an age, and a race; "enciphered" like them, with all the cunning of which the artist was capable; and decipherable only to those who know the language of the English lyric. A Study of Poetry
  • The German participants in the code-cracking challenge will transmit three enciphered messages - one hard, one very hard and one ultra hard. Boing Boing
  • The enciphering and deciphering of messages in secret code or cipher is called cryptology.
  • In all cryptographs based upon the use of rotatable cipher wheels, means are embodied within the cryptograph for automatically changing the rotatory portions of the cipher wheels during the course of enciphering or deciphering a message.
  • Enigma is a very sophisticated enciphering machine, and Shark is its ultimate refinement.
  • Enigma was the German term for an ingenious, lightweight and robust text enciphering machine with its own power source.

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