1. convert ordinary language into code
    We should encode the message for security reasons
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How To Use encipher In A Sentence

  • If it was a lovely sister, maybe it can also become good friends, I am going to precedent, huh, huh, Encipherment QQ chat to look at his record is a shortcut.
  • The enciphering and deciphering of messages in secret code or cipher is called cryptology.
  • This would produce no confusion between the sender and the receiver as long as the enciphered notation was in orderly sequence. Cinnamon Roll
  • After wireless transmission by Morse code the enciphered message would be typed by the receiver onto an Enigma machine having the same ground setting, the key setting entered, and the text deciphered automatically.
  • Someone who wanted to be especially devious could encipher a banal plaintext with the actually significant information embedded in the structure of the key. A Quick Fringe Cipher Follow-Up
  • Somehow, the sender and recipient agree on which section of the number string they will use to encipher and then decipher the message.
  • Yes, since you asked, we all got our daily enciphered marching orders from Koch Central (couriered, as usual, in a black envelope by a man who, according to official records, does not exist) a few months back. Desperately Seeking Sarah
  • I pointed out that it had taken him eighteen seconds to copy out his one-time pad groups and write his message beneath them, and another fifty seconds to encipher LONG LIVE TILTMAN. Between silk and cyanide
  • Section VI of the ten point statement declares: “Users of digital communication equipment, systems, or devices shall be able to utilize encipher technology in order to protect the privacy and security of their communications.” "eBill of Rights" Proposed by Politically Diverse Organizations
  • The agency released the enciphered text, and a frenzy erupted in the crypto world as some of the best-and wackiest-cryptanalytic talent set to work. Kryptos: Code The CIA Can’t Crack | Impact Lab
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