How To Use Ember day In A Sentence

  • But the taste is transcendant, and the smell makes the apartment feel like the warmest, homiest place on earth, especially on wintry December days and nights. Big Girls, Small Kitchen: Roasting Chicken, Upside Down
  • On a cold, damp December day in Bexley, who could blame anyone for dreaming of sun-drenched beaches in the West Indies?
  • A fine clear September day, with a cool wind and a warm sun; a day upon which the diaphanous costumes of the bridesmaids might be a shade too airy; but not a stern or cruel day, to tinge their young noses with a frosty hue, or blow the crinkles out of their luxuriant hair. The Lovels of Arden
  • IT'S a freezing December day on the snow-covered mountains of Austria, but Darwen snowboarder Cindy Meller already has beads of perspiration on her forehead.
  • Is Anne a York girl who is missing the idea of a traditional British Christmas in these dark, dank December days?
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  • It was the last day of the old year -- a brilliant Punjab December day -- and the last "chukker" of the final match for the Cup was in full progress. Captain Desmond, V.C.
  • September daylight, watery and uncertain, and very different from the golden purity of California's September sunshine, fell in pale oblongs upon the polished floor of a certain London drawing-room, and battled with the dancing radiance of a coal fire that sent cheering gleams and flashes of gold into the duskiest corners of the room. The Story of Julia Page
  • It was a cold, rainy November day and all I wanted was my daily fix of coffee.
  • On the remote Hermit's Trail off the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, a rare occurrence of rain brings joy to a cold November day.
  • She mentally slapped herself for thinking a tee shirt and overshirt would be warm coverings for a December day, even though she lived in a southern state.
  • The country between Marne and Meuse is one of the regions on which German fury spent itself most bestially during the abominable September days. Fighting France
  • I'd worked with lobster and scallop boats, a dragger for one very scary November day in Perfect Storm country.
  • This drear December day finds Backword in curmudgeonly mood, barely able to string two words together without an epithet or at least a ‘bah’ or a ‘humbug.’
  • the sloppiness of a rainy November day
  • A November day, clouds the color of bruises scutter across the sky. BLACKBIRD
  • By "Moshe" he means Moshe Yaish Youssef Nahari, who was gunned down on a December day near his home in Raydah. Original Signal - Transmitting Buzz
  • When a clutch of four budgerigar chicks hatched out one sunny September day in 1999, it was a happy occasion for their breeder.
  • On this chilly November day, Baer, a Christian-fiction writer and life coach, is instructing me in an organizational exercise.
  • A bitter and biting December day in Balerno is no place for niceties and, boy, did these two teams not show us any niceties.
  • Maybe I really do miss the dreich November days in Scotland after all.
  • Although Aillaud describes the weather as "balmy" on this November day, the temperature is 12 degrees, and the 22 mph wind makes it feel colder. Alaska gym teacher doesn't let elements stop exercise
  • Tatum, 41, was gunned down at dusk on a gray November day in Moscow.
  • He rode out the Quemado Road one matchless December day when the very air would have seemed sufficient to produce flowers without calling the ungracious desert into service. Children of the Desert
  • One December day we found an old straggly cat at our door. The Stray Cat « You Got to be Kidding's Blog
  • In 1991, the Canadian government proclaimed December Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women.
  • Not a great bustle at this hour on a soft, moist, melancholy November day, but always some evidence of human activity, a boy jog-trotting home with a bag on his shoulder and a dog at his heels, a carter making for the town with a load of coppice-wood, an old man leaning on his staff, two sturdy housewives of the Foregate bustling back from the town with their purchases, one of Hugh's officers riding back towards the bridge at a leisurely walk. The Devil's Novice
  • ON A rain-lashed November day two years ago, a pleasure barge sailing up the River Hull clipped a large object, hidden beneath the murky waters.
  • Mark Laframboise, book buyer for Politics and Prose, recalled that he drove downtown on the September day in 1998 when independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr released his report on President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky and bought 48 copies from the store to sell at cost. Federal bookstore rebrands itself for policy wonks in and out of Beltway

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