elementary particle

  1. (physics) a particle that is less complex than an atom; regarded as constituents of all matter
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How To Use elementary particle In A Sentence

  • A proton is an elementary particle of matter.
  • Because of the different number of elementary particles in the atom the element is an isotope.
  • The protons and neutrons in the nucleus are made of elementary particles called quarks.
  • By using the monopole harmonics, which were studied by Yang and Wu, we solve the stationary state problems of the exotic atoms, which contain the magnetic monopole and different elementary particles.
  • The concept of an elementary particle becomes a little nebulous in such circumstances.
  • The elementary particles known as protons, which live at the heart of every atom, will begin to decay.
  • Physicists believe they found a new elementary particle
  • Assuming that this is no error, then the term "fermion" is ambiguous between elementary particle and composite particle. Walter Kohn and Density-Functional Theory
  • The early universe was filled with radiation and a plenum of matter, originally hydrogen and helium, formed from elementary particles in the dense primeval fireball.
  • Even at the deepest level we know, of elementary particles, charge seems to be an integral part of the particles, quarks (which form protons and neutrons, and other heavy particles) are charged, and so are electrons, muons, and taus.
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