[ US /ɪˌɫɛktɹoʊˈmæɡnət/ ]
[ UK /ɪlˌɛktɹə‍ʊmˈæɡnɪt/ ]
  1. a temporary magnet made by coiling wire around an iron core; when current flows in the coil the iron becomes a magnet
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How To Use electromagnet In A Sentence

  • The machine works according to the principle of electromagnetic conduction.
  • In the simplest case, the wires carrying the electrical signals are used to form an electromagnet which attracts and releases a metal diaphragm.
  • These infinitesimal particles are usually grouped into four main categories: the mesons, the baryons, the leptons, and the photons (the most basic unit of electromagnetic radiation).
  • A dynamo converts mechanical energy from a moving electrical conductor into electromagnetic energy and thus generates current.
  • My first explanation is my theory for the sci-fi physics of the electromagnetic storm.
  • Colours Beyond Colours" opens with a Jamaican-sounding speaker ostensibly describing the supersensory effects of LSD, and then segueing into a cod-'60s-didactic announcement about the electromagnetic spectrum. PopMatters
  • Geometrical Theory of Diffraction is a fundamental algorithm in electromagnetic radiating and scattering, and programming is a key step for its application.
  • The physics of electromagnetism is the result of rigorous experimentation. Matthew Yglesias » Downward Spiral
  • Molecular absorption spectra are observed in the infrared and microwave portion of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum.
  • Oops someone used the dirty word again: "electromagnetism Eta Carinae- A Naked Eye Enigma | Universe Today
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