1. assume crystalline form; become crystallized
  2. become encrusted with crystals due to evaporation
  3. come into or as if into flower
    These manifestations effloresced in the past
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How To Use effloresce In A Sentence

  • Temple of the Devil, near the town of Altorf in Franconia, at the foot of a mountain covered with pine and savine, in which are found large coals resembling trees of ebony; which are so far mineralized as to be heavy and compact; and so to effloresce with pyrites in some parts as to crumble to pieces; yet from other parts white ashes are produced on calcination, from which _fixed alcali_ is procured; which evinces their vegetable origin. The Botanic Garden A Poem in Two Parts. Part 1: the Economy of Vegetation
  • Feeling more at home in the Muslim world of Spain, North Africa and the Middle East, Sephardim such as Maimonides took up the challenge of that new civilization, a civilization best characterized by the term "religious humanism," and produced an efflorescent literature that was matched by an economic dynamism that in the early modern period extended its reach into Holland, England, and Italy. David Shasha: Collateral Damage: Jewish Fratricide and the Demonizing of Córdoba
  • So far as a restless mortal -- more or less aweary of most things -- like myself can be made happy by any other human being, I believe your good wishes are safe of realisation; at any rate, it will be my fault if they are not, and I beg you never to imagine that I could confound the piety of friendship with the "efflorescent" variety. Life and Letters of Thomas Henry Huxley — Volume 1
  • When the period of efflorescence, or standing out of the rash, is over, packs ought to be given, to extract the poison completely from the system, and to prevent any sequels, such as anasarca, &c. Hydriatic treatment of Scarlet Fever in its Different Forms
  • But there's a new kind of efflorescence here, one that speaks, I think, to the basic conservatism of Third World populations. James Pinkerton: The Coming AIDS Reformation
  • cover the brickwork to minimize efflorescence
  • Meanwhile, there'd be new gardens in rich efflorescence, ossified bedrock dislodged from the living, new fields where carrion feeders can graze. Archive 2006-06-01
  • An efflorescence of a palish red colour soon appeared about the parts where the matter was inserted, and spread itself rather extensively, but died away in a few days without producing any variolous symptoms. 6 She has since been repeatedly employed as a nurse to smallpox patients, without experiencing any ill consequences. On Vaccination Against Smallpox
  • efflorescences found on the sheltered undersides of shale ledges
  • A white incrustation called efflorescence is often found on the surface of interior masonry walls.
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