How To Use Ecoterrorism In A Sentence

  • The FBI is telling 10 cities to be on alert for possibly ecoterrorism today.
  • The siege on the drilling platform connected to the ecoterrorism in State of Fear, but the whole “This is from the future to tell us not to screw up the planet” bit was just lame. Andromeda Strain: Part Two Review : SF Universe - SF Universe is your Science Fiction central. From SciFi television to movies to books and more. All the latest news, reviews and insights from SciFi experts.
  • Immediately, the label of ecoterrorism appeared in news stories describing the actions of the Earth Liberation Front.
  • A quick Google search of ‘Sierra Club ecoterrorism’ produces plenty of pages showing the Sierra Club's consistent denunciation of ecoterrorism.
  • On March 22, 2002, the Center for Consumer Freedom sent a long letter to the House subcommittee investigating ecoterrorism.
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  • He said the legislation which he introduced last week is necessary because fear of ecoterrorism is palpable in the research community.
  • ARENA (voice-over): As this upscale Colorado ski resort burned to the ground in 1988, the term ecoterrorism gained national attention. CNN Transcript Jan 20, 2006
  • Last January, the FBI held a symposium in California on ecoterrorism.
  • The bill would make ecoterrorism punishable by up to 10 years in jail.
  • OpEdNews - Article: ACTION ALERT: Stop PA Governor from signing "ecoterrorism" bill ACTION ALERT: Stop PA Governor from signing "ecoterrorism" bill
  • Leaked DHS document tars respected conservation groups with "ecoterrorism" label
  • But the show tapped into a potent collective fear that we could be undone by an enemy bent on ecoterrorism. Lynn Parramore: Superfreaky: The Wild World of Geoengineering
  • You’ve been predominantly a newsmagazine journalist, and your first book was an investigation of a true crime story, the so-called "ecoterrorism" attacks at Vail ski resort in Daniel Glick - An interview with author
  • Having spent the past decade fighting ecoterrorism, Barry's fight for justice is widening.
  • Topics ranged from presidential politics, to ecoterrorism, to global economics. Spider Bones
  • In his gripping and entertaining investigation, the journalist turns Vail inside out to get the real story behind the costliest act of ecoterrorism in U.S. history.
  • Claims of ecoterrorism have reared their ugly head again in Tasmania.
  • Here's what we need to learn from Redwood Summer: the language of fringe environmentalism that was made incarnate in violence of ecoterrorism didn't work. Ben Daniel: Jared Loughner And The Incarnation Of Violent Rhetoric
  • The bill also increases the possible penalties for ecoterrorism, with those convicted of first degree felonies facing a prison term of up to 40 years and a fine of up to $100,000.
  • EFL, ALF - heck, the FBI calls ecoterrorism the #1 terrorist threat in the US!! Main RSS Feed
  • Yet, as we will hear, ecoterrorism only encourages fear and anger.
  • In Maryland, more than 100 FBI investigators are searching for clues in a suspected case of ecoterrorism.
  • Where the hell does the word "ecoterrorism" come from? Watching Those We Chose

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