[ UK /dɪsˈɔːɹi‍əntɪd/ ]
[ US /dɪˈsɔɹiˌɛntɪd/ ]
  1. having lost your bearings; confused as to time or place or personal identity
    I frequently find myself disoriented when I come up out of the subway
    the anesthetic left her completely disoriented
  2. socially disoriented
    anomic loners musing over their fate
    we live in an age of rootless alienated people
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How To Use disoriented In A Sentence

  • The Wiltschkos showed that pigeons raised without free access to ambient odors are not disoriented when anosmic while their siblings raised with free access to the prevailing wind were disoriented.
  • Daniel wins very big, all the while doing a kind of flippy-floppy hope-and-victory dance that looks like a Saturday Night Live schtick and has Bob Barker in disoriented stitches. Boing Boing: December 28, 2003 - January 3, 2004 Archives
  • Temporarily disoriented and without any immediate answers, on the way toward recovery, she sank into depression.
  • I was fuzzy and disoriented after three weeks of cityhopping.
  • When I became disoriented I knew I was easy prey for her lioness ways.
  • While he was disoriented, I wrested the gun from his grasp and threw it far away.
  • After the birds took flight they would have been completely disoriented and flying at a high rate of speed, "most likely about 25 mph, given my experience with their cousins, the tricolored blackbird," Meese says. Fireworks likely cause of massive Ark. bird kill
  • I just feel kind of dejected and disoriented about a certain boi and a certain trip to a certain foreign country and the certain ramifications that might have on our certain relationship. Tuesday blues
  • Notice the twitchy, disoriented candidate running for re-election who has to be fed lines.
  • One determined Zulu even jumped over the barricade and assegaied a disoriented patient to death, though he himself was quickly picked off by a British rifleman.
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