[ UK /dˌɪsɛnfɹˈɑːnt‍ʃa‍ɪz/ ]
[ US /dɪsɪnˈfɹænˌtʃaɪz/ ]
  1. deprive of voting rights
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How To Use disenfranchise In A Sentence

  • It was not to deprive, to disenfranchise people.
  • Preaching to people who feel disenfranchised affects the way you address them. Christianity Today
  • The worst thing about Britain is that so many people are disenfranchised by price and snobbery. Times, Sunday Times
  • For example, if the powers that be want to disenfranchise you or make you unemployable, that's one sure way to do it.
  • But vote groups are concerned asking people for more information could disenfranchise legitimate voters on election day.
  • Didn't Clinton herself agree to "disenfranchise" the voters of MI and FL in the fall of 2007? Florida court throws out DNC suit
  • She'd be forgiven for ranting even a bit more about voter apathy, but she wisely takes the high road in describing the disenfranchised young women who reject much of the rhetoric of their feminist foremothers.
  • The Party is dead and working class people have been cruelly disenfranchised.
  • Maybe it's time for both the globalists and anti-globalists to consider what the poorer and disenfranchised have already worked out.
  • I had one reader who told me he was reading it outside one day when a ned came up to him -- "ned" being Scots for ... um ... think as disenfranchised as you can get -- the juvenile delinquents from our equivalent of the projects, shell-suited gangs into Buckfast and hard drugs, petty theft and hassling strangers, the type of person that is to your average SF/Fantasy reader as a hyena is to a gazelle. More Aesthetics
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