1. English theoretical physicist who applied relativity theory to quantum mechanics and predicted the existence of antimatter and the positron (1902-1984)
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How To Use Dirac In A Sentence

  • (Ganesalingham, 1987.) · Biting flies Azadirachtin also exerts an ovicidal effect in eggs of the blood-sucking fly Stomoxys calcitrans. 7 Medicinals
  • When Dirac developed the general principles of quantum theory, this democratic equality between different points of view was maintained in the new dynamics that resulted.
  • In summary we can say that Dirac's spin interpretation cannot be used to reject ideas about the orbital nature of ferromagnetism and that there is an essential reaction density trapped in any magnetic field. Chapter 4
  • The story begins in the late 1980s, with a small high-tech pharmaceutical firm - Medirace -on the campus of Brunel University.
  • Paul Dirac predicted the existence of antimatter with his relativistic wave equation in 1928.
  • Dirac introduced the point of view that perhaps the vacuum is CertainKindOfInfinity, and that an electron is CertainKindOfInfinity+epsilon, and us biggers are CertainKindOfInfinity+bigfinitestuff, so when we do physics experiments, we only measure epsilon and bigfinitestuff. American political conservatism impedes the understanding of science - The Panda's Thumb
  • Four years later Dirac's positron was also found in a cosmic ray shower and in 1933 Dirac was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for his extension of atomic theory.
  • Although the experiments in diffraction confirm so beautifully the de Broglie-Schrödinger wave theory, the position is less satisfactory as regards the extended theory due to Dirac. G.P. Thomson - Nobel Lecture
  • Dirac's odd prediction of the existence of a positively charged electron had been confirmed by two independent experiments.
  • Under his influence Dirac worked on some problems in statistical mechanics.
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