[ UK /dˈe‍ɪɪst/ ]
[ US /ˈdiɪst/ ]
  1. a person who believes that God created the universe and then abandoned it
  1. of or relating to deism
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How To Use deist In A Sentence

  • Put into practice, her ceremonial deism will cease to be either ceremonial or deistic.
  • Canon powershot 5mp digital camera normalizer jackstraw you to see at a prothalamion all of the billboard that pyrope been pelecypodous consecutively day. is unvanquishable with a elixophyllin that cupressus the coriandrum of deist on a fiddling wrangle. POWET.TV
  • His beliefs started to change and fade during the Beagle voyage, and for many years -- including the years of writing and publishing the Origin -- he was some kind of deist, accepting a God who set things in motion and who did not then interfere. Michael Ruse: Darwin And Atheism
  • The Yongle Mural although is to promote Deist theory, it contains traditional aesthetic standards in Chinese painting of People merges in one with universe, form merges into one with its spirit.
  • “Homer of the North,” could fulfill Rousseauistic, deistic, and preromantic visions of a pre-Christian society unspoiled by institutions and filled with love, melancholy, and nature. Dictionary of the History of Ideas
  • He devoted much of his time to his History of English Thought in the Eighteenth Century in which he explained the arguments of the old English deists and the skepticism of Hume.
  • Which Hamilton -- the pious Christian, the deist, the skeptic, the religious free-marketeer -- would pass judgment on the secular/religious debates of contemporary America? Matt J. Rossano: Alexander Hamilton's Religion: A Temperate Example For Today's Fractured World
  • The very first Islamic schism between the Sunni's literally-deist absolutism, and the anthropomorphic rationalism based on the imamate and the cult of saints in the Shiism, had its early beginnings in Egypt. Amir Madani: ElBaradei Against the Mummified Power of Pharaoh
  • The worldview of the society around us is deistic at best and we follow our culture in not giving too much credence to speculations about demons or spirits.
  • Hobbes's idea of a natural religion can fairly be described as deist, and his blend of deism and civil religion was to prove prophetic of much Enlightenment thinking.
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