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[ UK /kənstɹˈʌkʃən/ ]
[ US /kənˈstɹəkʃən/ ]
  1. the commercial activity involved in repairing old structures or constructing new ones
    their main business is home construction
    workers in the building trades
  2. drawing a figure satisfying certain conditions as part of solving a problem or proving a theorem
    the assignment was to make a construction that could be used in proving the Pythagorean theorem
  3. a group of words that form a constituent of a sentence and are considered as a single unit
    I concluded from his awkward constructions that he was a foreigner
  4. the act of constructing something
    his hobby was the building of boats
    during the construction we had to take a detour
  5. the creation of a construct; the process of combining ideas into a congruous object of thought
  6. a thing constructed; a complex entity constructed of many parts
    she wore her hair in an amazing construction of whirls and ribbons
    the structure consisted of a series of arches
  7. an interpretation of a text or action
    they put an unsympathetic construction on his conduct
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How To Use construction In A Sentence

  • Fishing. Tie magnets to a string, cut fish shapes out of construction paper and attach a paper clip to the fish's mouth and voila.
  • This construction of a new world order comes from a naïive and untraveled President, emboldened in his ignorance by advisors who have been plotting an aggressive Pax Americana ever since the Soviet bloc's collapse.
  • These positions are frequently referred to respectively as objectivism and constructionism.
  • Fourthly, pay more attention to databank construction, take communication and cooperation seriously.
  • Louis XIV spent 200,000 gold francs for the construction of the royal kennels at Versailles where he kenneled hunting hounds, truffle terriers and toy poodles.
  • Construction here would include offices, retail and hotels with the objective of integrating the docklands with the city centre and extending its functions to the east.
  • Parts of all three vases were mingled together and the position of each piece had to be painstakingly documented to aid the reconstruction. Times, Sunday Times
  • Finally, this paper explains what is the spirit of Marxism which Derrida always asks us to inherit, and what is the relationship between his deconstructionism and Marxism.
  • Construction of subways or overbridges for foot traffic will reduce disruption of traffic.
  • In May 1887, it was leased to the CPR and construction began in November.
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