[ US /kəˈɫɛktɪvɪst/ ]
[ UK /kəlˈɛktɪvˌɪst/ ]
  1. subscribing to the socialistic doctrine of ownership by the people collectively
  1. a person who belongs to the political left
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How To Use collectivist In A Sentence

  • A collectivist perspective is characterized by an emphasis on the needs of the group, the opposite of individualism.
  • But all my "collectivist" - bashing friends never said why World War II had such a happy economic effect. Article Feed
  • *** And, when one reads Berlin's qualified praise of Herzen, it's easy to see how he became central to Stoppard's three plays: "Herzen does at least face genuine political problems, such as the incompatibility of unlimited personal liberty with either social equality, or the minimum of social organization and authority; the need to sail precariously between the Scylla of individualist 'atomization' and the Charybdis of collectivist oppression; the sad disparity and conflict between many, equally noble human ideals; the nonexistence of 'objective,' eternal, universal moral and political standards, to justify either coercion or resistance to it; the mirage of distant ends, and the impossibility of doing wholly without them. Stinky Inky, Part VI: Carlin Romano's April Fools' Joke on His Philadelphia Inquirer Readers
  • “The Western tradition of seeking help from a stranger such as a psychologist may be culturally inappropriate from a collectivistic perspective,” she wrote. The Truth About Grief
  • Kutchera also noted since the Caucasian market is often individualistic whereas the Hispanic market tends to be collectivistic, according to Geert Hofstede, the Dutch organizational sociologist who studied cultural dimensions in international business. Ashley Michelle Williams: Social Media Is the Gateway to Hispanics
  • In village H's development, bequeathal collectivistic ideology affects its developing route, and furthermore, village party committee inherits powerful mobilizing abilities and leads the development.
  • The debate before us here on the mechanism of planetary scale climatic changes is indicative of the "science" practiced in collectivist societies such as Stalinist Russia and Nazi Germany where advancement and even employment were dependant on adherance to political rather than factual science. Sound Politics: Faith-based initiatives
  • They are not pro-gressives, they are re-gressives and they will take humanity back to the dark days of classist oppression in collectivist Europe if we let them. Sound Politics: Yes, It Is Your Fault, Ms. Brodeur
  • If the crisis is used as an excuse to bring back the dead hand of collectivist policies, it is not only destructive of short-term economic well-being but also of long-term freedom and prosperity.
  • As for collectivist, that isn't a bad thing either. Jeb Bush: 'I don't know' if Obama is a socialist
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