[ UK /klˈuːləs/ ]
[ US /ˈkɫuɫəs/ ]
  1. totally uninformed about what is going on; not having even a clue from which to infer what is occurring
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How To Use clueless In A Sentence

  • Another area where the electronic brain is clueless is when you want to take tricky shots using the flash.
  • Many of Jay Ward's characters and catchphrases have since morphed into pop-culture shorthand: Dudley Do-Right, the clueless Mountie, is shorthand for anybody who stumbles into a situation overconfident he's doing the right thing; Snidely Whiplash, Do-Right's nemesis, for a scenery-chewing villain; the "Waybac" Machine, Mr. Peabody's time-travel system, for a nostalgia flashback; as well as expressions such as "nothing up my sleeve ... presto!" and JSOnline.com
  • The economy will eventually turn around and it will happen soon, unfortunately americans have become so clueless, partisan and ingrateful, that america will be stuck in soul less and angy recovery for years to come. Obama: Jobs news 'modestly encouraging'
  • Successive governments have been clueless about the continuing escalation of crime in our nation.
  • The movie's a little bit like Happy, Texas or Drop Dead Gorgeous, and a little bit more like Clueless, right down to people uncomprehendingly parroting rude words in French - revealed in subtitles.
  • For a team with so many captains and leaders they looked clueless, particularly when they were camped on the Argentine goalline. Times, Sunday Times
  • While we were stuffed full of learning about other parts of the world, the school system left us utterly clueless about our won history.
  • Now, call me naive / unobservant / clueless, but I didn't realise that Qurious was designed for a slightly less heterosexual patron than I. I simply assumed the owner was rather indecisive on choice of colour scheme.
  • But that is usually a thin veneer for how completely clueless I really am. A Moment of Weakness and Self-Doubt on Writing
  • Let's face it; the man, while personable and articulate is laboring under the arrogant and false assumption that because so many people like him personally, his inexperience and general clueless won't matter. Obama's approval rating remains steady, poll says
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