How To Use Church father In A Sentence

  • Here Rose collates the writings of the Church Fathers to give us ‘an Orthodox patristic commentary on Genesis’.
  • Yes, many of the early Church Fathers were millenarians, and so were some later Catholics and Protestants.
  • The Roman Catholic church fathers took strong stands on the question of usury, which they saw as not merely excessive interest, but any injustice in trade.
  • The venerable church father approached the Bible as if he were sitting down to a beautifully presented, sumptuous banquet feast.
  • These Early Church Fathers such as Polycarp, Ignatius, and Clement knew the Apostles personally and were appointed to shepherd several local churches. LDS Doctrine
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  • Now if people would cease to read all the junk by the Church Fathers and modern theologians and turn to the Word, they would be informed.
  • If that's what John Paul II and Benedict XVI have been trying to do, well, I'll just say that quoting previous councils and popes and Church Fathers and Doctors and Holy Scripture is NOT a very smart way to go about it. Landmark Address on the Responsibilities of Universities Freedom has a purpose
  • Just as Aquinas respected the Church Fathers, I think there is room within "Thomism" as a theological tradition to recognize that the Church's liturgy is a part of Sacred Tradition and thereby incorporate it as a theological source, using the insights of insights of theologians like Fr. Archive 2008-07-13
  • However, there were other Church Fathers who defended the value of studying classical literature and philosophy.
  • Some of the early Church Fathers stated for the record that it was blasphemous to celebrate this festival.
  • Some of the early church fathers used to argue that marriage was more of a sacrifice than celibacy.
  • Some of the early church fathers used to argue that marriage was more of a sacrifice than celibacy.
  • The Church Fathers of the first three centuries affirmed that all of the natural world was essentially and equally good.
  • There, he labored long and hard in the patient work of theology and liturgy, becoming one of the greatest hymnist of the East, as well as the last of the early Church Fathers and the first of the medieval scholastics. Archive 2006-12-01
  • Before Leopardi was out of his teens he had consumed much of his family's library — his father's sole distinction was as a book collector — and read through the Greek and Latin classics as well as the works of the Church Fathers. The Raptures of a Tragic Visionary
  • The phrase ‘in the space of six days’ simply echoed Calvin, who like the other Reformers, spoke against the allegorization of a minority of the Church Fathers.
  • The distraction is rooted in acedia, the ancient soul-scourge about which the church fathers knew and wrote so much.
  • (Luke and Acts were somehow separated in the textual drift we call the canonical process), which simply does not do enough work in light of the differences in the reception histories of the two texts; such reasons are much harder to come by than is typically thought; (c) Scholars who persist in identifying modern reconstructed readings of Luke-Acts with ancient hermeneutical reading strategies have likely not grasped the way in which the NT authors, early Apologists or Church Fathers actually worked with scripture and have, therefore, distorted hermeneutically the historical worth of their reconstructions. Euangelion
  • By combining Horatian meter with a simple but passionate invocation of the Christian God, Johnson moves from the world of classical Latin to the prayers and hymns of the early Church Fathers.
  • Although the term trinity is a theological expression devised by the early Church Fathers in countering various heresies, such as Gnosticism, Sabellianism, and Arianism, and not to be found explicitly in the Bible, it is everywhere assumed and alluded to. SharperIron
  • It is clear that the Church Fathers became Christian intellectuals and theologians.

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