[ UK /t‍ʃˈɔː/ ]
[ US /ˈtʃɔ/ ]
  1. chew without swallowing
    chaw tobacco
  1. a wad of something chewable as tobacco
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How To Use chaw In A Sentence

  • Between finishing the sukiyaki fillings and having the bowl returned full of noodles Yuriko presented us with small, lidded bowls of chawan-mushi, a delicate, stock-enriched, nonsweet egg custard containing prawns, ginko nuts and fish cake. Sukiyaki with the Yakitori lady
  • “Why, Cricket,” he called out, “have you drug Captain Russell all the way out onto this-here jutty jest so you kin chaw his ear off?” Nevermore
  • The sheriff of the county of Lanark was holding the wappen-schaw of a wild district, called the Upper Ward of Clydesdale, on a haugh or level plain, near to a royal borough, the name of which is no way essential to my story, on the morning of the 5th of May, 1679, when our narrative commences. Old Mortality
  • If he felt tired and lazy he patiently sat in front of the Halfway House at McClure and "chawed" and spat until he saw the Land of the Burnt Thigh
  • And more -- for the benefit of any shirt-tail chawbacon with a big mouth, I'm a who's-yar boy from Indiana myself, and I've put down better men than you just by spitting teeth at them. [ Flash For Freedom
  • Master’s face was, fust, red-hot; next, chawk-white: and then sky-blew. The Memoirs of Mr. Charles J. Yellowplush
  • And I was e’en as great a gomeral to let ye persuade me to lie up here amang the blankets like a hurcheon, instead o’ gaun to the wappen-schaw like other folk. Old Mortality
  • Bunt was back at his old occupation of miner, and I-- the one loafer of all that little world of workers -- had brought him a bottle of beer to go with the "chaw"; for A Deal in Wheat and Other Stories of the New and Old West
  • Den de good ol '' Lishy looked back an 'cussed 'em, when two she-bars heerd him an' come out uf de woods wid der cubs at der heels, an 'walked in on der hin' legs 'mong dem bad town-boys, a scratchin 'an' a clawin ', a bitin' an 'a gnawin', right an 'lef', an 'neber stoppin' till dey had tore an 'chawed 'em every one up. Burl
  • Chawla, the senior-most Election Commissioner, was considered as the natural choice for the top post when Gopalaswami demits office on April 20.
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