How To Use Carrizo In A Sentence

  • The Carrizoso plateau had been sacred ground, and it was unsupposable that it could ever be desecrated by the trampling hoofs and scissor noses of these woolly abominations. Heart's Desire
  • More recently, VCA had plucked the rights to a ridgetop across a broad valley from the Carrizos. Yellow Dirt
  • There was just one bad moment, in Teec Nos Pos, after we turned off a paved highway to travel three tracks, each one rockier and brushier than the one before, all the way to the foot of the Carrizo range. Yellow Dirt
  • De Acapulco, Acapolco, municipio del estado de Guerrero, del náhuatl Acapulco, literalmente = 'lugar de grandes cañas', de acatl 'caña, carrizo' + pol, aumentativo, + -co 'en, lugar de'; la ciudad fue fundada en el siglo XVI. MEXICAN AND GEOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARIES.
  • The agent of River Plate goalkeeper Juan Pablo Carrizo insists the youngster will join Lazio this week.

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