How To Use Carbon cycle In A Sentence

  • See carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle. Biology Basic Facts
  • The ocean carbon cycle comprises a physical pump, a biological pump, and an alkalinity or anion pump. Carbon cycle and climate change in the Arctic
  • Northern wetlands, especially peatlands, play a major role in global carbon cycles and climate change because they fix carbon from atmosphere in the biomass of the living vegetation.
  • Seasonal variation of soil biomass plays an important role in the carbon cycle of terrestrial ecosystem.
  • Its conversion (with atmospheric removal in atmospheric O2) to CO2 is the carbon cycle. Learning from Lomborg, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty
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  • His research focuses on the global carbon cycle, biogeochemistry and paleoceanography. Contributor: Richard Zeebe
  • Although the mechanism of how monsoon drives oceanic carbon cycle remains unclear, the monsoon-related long-term cyclicity should not be overlooked in carbon-cycle modeling for long-term climate prediction. Science Blog - Science news straight from the source
  • Grasslands play a significant role in terrestrial ecosystem carbon cycle due to large biomass stored belowground.
  • The tiny carbon cycle is piggybacking on the huge water cycle (clouds included), not driving it.
  • The appearance is that the anthropogenic carbon load is totally subducted into the natural carbon cycle. Hansen: Obama has only four years to save the world - NASA Watch
  • Robison's findings may also help climatologists model the atmospheric carbon cycle.
  • Chapter Twelve, by Phillipe Van Cappellen discusses global biogeochemical cycles; as the author says, the chapter introduces concepts of these cycles and concludes with a discussion of the carbon cycle, central to biogeochemistry.
  • If we want to hold temperatures below a 2°C rise, the key factor is not how much we burn in fossil fuels each year, but the cumulative emissions over centuries (because once we release carbon molecules from being buried under the ground, they tend to stay in the carbon cycle for centuries). One Trillion Tonnes of Carbon | Serendipity

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