How To Use Cancun In A Sentence

  • The notorious unilateralism of the neoconservatives in Washington never boded well for the billing of Cancun as a more consensual round of talks.
  • Which was a problem because her daughter is getting married at 1 pm today in Cancun.
  • They were then taken to buy visas and had to reach Cancun to catch a flight to Cuba.
  • Many of the overflow visitors scheduled to stay in Cancun have filled the resorts in the Riviera Maya.
  • Now, with all due respect to Jim (Cancun), who once asserted that the dictionary did not a language make, he now seems to be relying heavily on the DRAE which did not seem to cover the "pomposo, grandilocuente" connotation. "altisonante" revisited...the truth shall set you free
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  • I do think that in resort cities like Cancun, beach-type wear is fine for those that can wear it well. CLOTHES - what's hot and what's not in Mexico
  • The ruins of Chichen Itza lie about midway between Cancun and Merida, so that the journey from each city takes around 2 or 3 hours via the new autopista.
  • Corporate leaders have come to Cancun to delver the unequivocal message that climate change is bad for business. Jonathan Wootliff: Climate Change Is Bad for Business
  • A Bolivian religious fanatic who claimed he had a bomb briefly hijacked a jetliner from the beach resort of Cancun as it landed in Mexico City. Daily Express | World News :: Hijacker 'looked for sign from God'
  • Tucked away between the towering hotels of Cancun's sparkling shores is a cultural treasure known as La Casa del Arte Popular Mexicano. Cancun's Cultural Oasis: La Casa del Arte Popular Mexicano
  • CANCUN, Mexico AP — Delegates from almost 200 nations worked Thursday to clear away a host of disputes and to take small steps forward in easing the impact of climate change at a conference whose limited goals drew an accusation of "ecocide" from Bolivia's President Evo Morales. Evo Morales: 'Ecocide' Will Result From Governments Avoiding Strong Emissions Reductions At COP 16 Climate Change Conference
  • Perhaps, the Cancun failure encouraged the Commission to be less ambitious in its demands.
  • So I'm figuring inland from Cancun, Playa, Tulum etc. as little as a couple of miles where you don't get the wind and you're going to run the chance of dengue from the aegis egypti mosquito until the weather turns 'cold' which it hasn't just yet. Mosquitos, malaria, dengue, etc, etc.
  • We still do not know whether Cancun someday as the Dunkirk of the Doha Round.
  • Such as turning the gorgeous Cancun pristine estuary and sound and crystal beach into a concrete monster catering to U.S. drunken adolescent American pukeheads disrespecting the culture which in turn disrespects them by encouraging them to overindulge in poisonous drink with which they humiliate themselves repeatedly. Plan Puebla-Panama. Yay or Nay?
  • Here is our guide to a two-week, twin-centre break on the Yucatan, making use of an open-jaw flight into Campeche or Merida and out of Cancun.
  • The forecast down Cancun way is positively sizzling and we have hard liquor and a Jacuzzi in our room, so the outlook is sunny.
  • Cancun has shown once again that we are living in a time when great struggles are shaping history.
  • Gee it's hot: The brutal heat wave that swamped southern Canada this last week saw mercury levels rise above temperatures recorded in Cancun, Calcutta and Athens.
  • With so much attention here at the Cancun climate summit focused on the convoluted politicking between such colossuses as the United States, China, India and the European Union, it's easy to overlook the small guys. Jonathan Wootliff: Climate Talks: U.S. Must Transform From Diehard Recalcitrant To Inspirational Leader
  • I am guessing that tourism overflowing from the Cancun area has helped but it is also the main commercial hub in the Yucatan peninsula and the capitol of the state of Yucatan. Noise in Merida & Progreso
  • With the curtain about to go up on the WTO Ministerial Conference in Cancún, there will be plenty of high-sounding statements calling for a successful outcome.
  • The World Trade Organisation will preside over a conference of most of the world's countries in Cancun, Mexico, this month.
  • Cozumel lies approximately 30 km to the south-east of Cancun.
  • Tonight those winds are picking up in the Mexican resort town of Cancun, which could suffer catastrophic damage from this powerful storm.
  • Cozumel lies approximately 30 km to the south-east of Cancun.
  • It's only a 6 peso bus ride from the Hotel Zone to downtown Cancun, with its great home-grown Mexican restaurants and cantinas.
  • The rift between Washington and poor countries over this issue was threatening to derail next month's meeting of the World Trade Organization in Cancun, Mexico.
  • Indeed, finding a small, family-run Mexican taqueria or panaderia - a taco stand or a traditional bakery - is much easier in downtown Los Angeles or Chicago than it is in Cancún.
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  • Six weeks before the big gabfest in Cancun, the reality of the present situation is clear: the upcoming ministerial is in serious trouble.
  • If such a deal is not achieved, Cancun could become another Seattle.
  • Forestry rules are unlikely to be included in any "balanced package," as Figueres and others referred to the hoped-for Cancun agreement. Corbin Hiar: Tianjin Climate Talks Recap: Little Progress on the Policies
  • This towel is the only souvenir of Cancun that I bought.
  • As you can see on the PM part of the code I tried to "highjack" the $temp_url variable, and put CancunWithMe. com just as an example.
  • Some tourists opt to drive to Chiapas from Cancun, which takes 10 hours or longer.
  • Once one reaches the cutoff from the Villahermosa highway to Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas in Southeastern Mexico, one is still about 1,000 kilometers from Cancun to the north and east. Minatlitl�n to San Crist�bal de Las Casas
  • They rise, phoenixlike, from the ashes of the '80s, those pricey toys of yesteryear: the Rolex you took snorkeling off Cancun, the BMW you gave yourself after closing that first sweetheart deal, the set of Nagel seriographs. How Much For A Used Rolex?

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