1. an expression introduced into one language by translating it from another language
    `superman' is a calque for the German `Ubermensch'
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How To Use calque In A Sentence

  • mortmain, a statute restricting the conveyance of land to the “dead hand” of a religious organization oyez, often calqued as hear ye! The Volokh Conspiracy » The influence of French words in English legal terminology
  • That is to say, Sumerian Utu-zi 'Life-breath of the sun' would have become a partial calque Ut(a)-napishtim which would be reinterpreted by scribes and priests to mean 'he found (uta-) life-breath (napishtim)' (nb. the replacement of Sum. utu 'sun' with Bab. ūta 'found') and thus back into Sumerian with the reformulated Zi-ud-sura 'Life of long days', now implying a character who has found immortality. Archive 2009-11-01
  • Ringbom also suggests that misspellings, borrowings and coinage are transfer of form while calque is transfer of meaning. E is for Error « An A-Z of ELT
  • Home » For Translators » What is a calque? What is a calque?
  • As a calque it would come into English as vocalness, which is no word. VERBATIM: The Language Quarterly Vol XI No 4
  • In either case, English-speakers may have adopted the phrase via a direct, word-for-word translation of the German idiom; linguists call this a calque.
  • Anyway, Joe has been doing French calques for sixteen years.
  • I have heard that “are you coming with?” is a calque of German “kommst du mit?” Where are you (at)? « Motivated Grammar
  • A calque or loan-translation is a borrowing of a compound word from another language where each component is translated into native words and then joined together.
  • The word "bushmeat" is a word-for-word translation or calque of the French phrase viande de brousse. Week in Words
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